This New THE QUEEN’S GAMBIT Video Explores The Game of Chess

The Queen’s Gambit

Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit is one of the hits and the best series that is released this year. It’s a dazzling and fascinating series that needs to be watched by everyone! Even if you don’t know much about chess or you don’t like and care for the game, it is such an exciting and engaging show.

If you have watched the awesome and wonderful Netflix series, Check out this new video essay that explores how The Queen’s Gambit wins and celebrates the beauty “of the game of chess itself, through the study of the legendary Karpov quote ‘Chess is everything, art, science, and sport.’ This video takes a look at both the game and the show, to make a case for each.”

A competitive sport that’s rooted in science and art, that allows entry of participants regardless of social or economic background or identity politics, that can teach a lot of valuable lessons about sportsmanship as you’ll rarely see the same sort of toxic gloating that you do in so many other sports, but it also teaches many lessons for life.

The video is created by Daniel Netzel of Film Radar and you can check out the video below:

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