This Toilet Paper App Lets You Know How Long Your Supplies Last

toilet paper calculator

Unusual times call for unusual measures, and that’s precisely how we as a community end up with something like How Much Toilet Paper?!, a new website that determines the amount of our toilet paper supplies.

It’s a moderately simple tool: you put in the number of toilet rolls you have left and the number of toilet visits you think you take per day, and it spits out a nice whole number at the top of the screen. So 10 rolls left at three visits per day averages to 53 days. That’s lots of toilet paper.

But there are exceptional options for taking into account more granular metrics, like the number of people in the household and the number of sheets on the roll of whatever kind of toilet paper you stocked. The result is a fun if not tad dystopian, tool for deciding out how long you’re stash will last if coronavirus-related lockdowns around the globe stay in effect for months to come.


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