This Woman Wants to Marry a Ghost and Start a Family


In today’s wacky news, here’s an interview with a woman that has sex with ghosts and is looking to marry her ghost boyfriend and start a family.

Many people are interested in the supernatural, but most of them don’t claim to have a phantom lover in their life. But, Amethyst Realm, who considers herself a “spiritual guidance counselor,” started a relationship with a ghost after she was approached by an “emotional, sort of physical presence” while on vacation in Australia.

She talks about her experience on This Morning and says that her ghostly boyfriend is a “very ancient, very wise, very kind,” and this has caused her to fall in love with him and want to marry him and start a family. I have no idea how that would work! Luckily, she explains.

She says she hopes to give birth to a physical baby from what she calls a “phantom pregnancy.” She goes on to say that she believes that she will have a phantom growing inside her as opposed to a human baby. She goes on to say that she hopes her pregnancy will be carried to term and turn into a human, physical baby when she delivers. But, she also says that she’s not sure if that’s even possible.

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