THOR: RAGNAROK Some Major Characters Will Die In It

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok script is currently in the works by Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle. According to a Tweet that Yost sent out recently, it doesn’t sound like any of the characters that fill this world are safe. Here’s what he said:

“Ragnarok is the end of all things. What are we supposed to do, let people live?!”

So this tell us a lot about things to come in the movie, Deaths and some major deaths! Maybe Odin will face his death or Asgard will see a great seige upon it. Can you speculate on the subject?

Ragnarok is an apocalypse of sorts that represents the end of Asgard. It is an apocalyptic-battle that the Realm of Asgard has experienced over and over and over again. Ragnarok is a cycle of death and rebirth. It comes in cycles, randomly killing gods and restoring new gods with no knowledge of what took place. This is happening in an effort to sustain Those Who Sit Above in Shadow, which are celestial beings that are the gods of gods. They need this cycle to continue in order to survive. Thor is eventually made aware of this cycle and it pisses him off, because it robs his people of their glory and memory. Thor vows to restore his people’s glory by ending the cycle. This will require Thor to form an alliance with his arch-nemesis Surtur.

In Norse Mythology and in the Marvel Comics, there are fallen warriors called the Einherjar, who spend their death feasting and continually fighting. They are waiting for the day of the Ragnarok where they can fight for Asgard once again.

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