Thor: The Dark World Hi-Res Images


Couple of high resolution photos have been released for Thor: The Dark World. We also have a clear view on the “News” that Alan Taylor being asked to leave the production until after the movie was released.

Here’s some information that comes from a Latino Review commenter Redbull Werewolf who claims to have the inside info.

Taylor Was apparently butting heads with [Marvel President Kevin Feige] over the run time and final edit. Taylor wants the film to be 2 and a half hours, Marvel says he’s contracted to give them a 2 hour film and he’s breaching his contract.

He hasn’t been fired but editing has stopped for 2 weeks while both parties take some time to cool off before a mediator will be brought in [the] middle of June. Bottom line is that the film is only 5 months from release and a decision is going to have to be made soon especially if re-shoots are required.

Who knows if there’s any truth to this, but there might be. I’m just not sure why running time would cause such a big issue. Let’s look at the previous Marvel films, Iron Man 3 – 130 min, The Avengers – 143 min, Captain America – 124 min, Thor – 114 min, Iron Man 2 – 125 min, The Incredible Hulk – 112 min, Iron Man – 126 min.

So it looks like they have been trying to keep their movies down to 2 hours with the exception of The Avengers. This is absurd why would someone mind a longer movie!, longer movie means they explained everything and there are no loop holes for the movie nazis . Let’s hope they conclude soon and movie is whole when it’s released .



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