Thumbs For Ammo

Now there is a strange and yet very talented feature on Thumbs And Ammo , If you are the type who doesn’t like ammo or violence of some sorts then you wanna look at this and just imagine how it would be if it is thumbs instead of guns in some of these movie classics how hilarious they are looking holding thumbs instead of some bad ass weaponry which they had in the movies ! 

aliens_thumbs samuel s

“Real tough guys don’t need guns,they just need a positive, can-do attitude”

Tell her doing that ! lol

Angelina thumb popof

BBTF thumb Tom T

Brad thumbs

breakingbetter Ian W A

 Daniel thumb popof

django unarmed

Ghost thumbs Nick R

joker johannes S

mad_max thumb Tom E

 Popof thumbs 2

Rick thumb derek B

spck thumb nicholas C

  thumsup-die-hard-3 pablo M R

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