Time To Embrace the iPhone 8’s Notch For Better Or For Worse – Photos

 iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 will offer us an edge-to-edge screen, but that’s not the whole story. The phone’s design is ruined by a bezel protrusion at the top that’s a necessary evil. The iPhone has various components that need to face the user, including the selfie camera, the phone speaker, the new 3D facial recognition system, and various sensors. That’s why the top notch is there.

But that notch ruins the phone’s perfect symmetry, which is why the iPhone 8’s design is such a hotly debated story.

Following the discoveries made by developer Steve Troughton Smith, designers came out with various screen concepts that show how Apple might deal with the top Notch. Designer Maksim Petriv has a pretty good idea:

This particular design solves two problems, it covers the corners of the notch and provides symmetry.

But that home button placement isn’t set in stone. The virtual button will appear and disappear, making room for extra real estate for apps:

Here’s how apps will look like:

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