Time Travel Easter Egg Found in AVENGERS: ENDGAME

Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame has been out in theaters for a while, and now available on Blu Ray, we expect the Easter Eggs to be revealed more commonly, and here is one of them that have turned up!

Redditor u/kobikwahbz was able to catch this little detail when 2014 Nebula is bringing Thanos back to 2023. It shows that VECTOR 2 was going to January 2988.

just Noticed when nebula was bringing 2014 Thanos to the present there’s what seems to be a history section at the top right part of the screen with dates, 2012, 2988 & 2009. WHO WENT TO 2988?!?! from marvelstudios

Not familiar with that specific date? Or at least the year? In Thor: The Dark World, this is the year that Malekith originally tried to steal the Aether. Here is the description thanks to mcu.fandom:

In 2988B.C., the Convergence took place, linking all of the Nine Realms together. The Dark Elf sorcerer Malekith attempted to use the Convergence as a way of unleashing the Aether, a destructive Infinity Stone , upon the realms and destroy them all entirely; Malekith believed that once the realms were destroyed, he could recreate them in his own image. However, an Asgardian army led by Bor confronted the Dark Elves on their homeworld, Svartalfheim, and the ensuing battle all but destroyed the Dark Elves. However, Malekith and a small group of Dark Elves managed to survive and hid in stasis, while the Aether was found and hidden by Bor.

So, did the gang try to go to 2988 B.C. to get the Aether there instead of making Thor face Jane and potentially his mom? Were they making a plan on showing a scene there? Is this going to be used at a later date? Who knows!

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