Tips For Beginners: League Of Legends

League Of Legends

In recent years, League of Legends has become one of the most popular games in the gaming world; overtaking World of WarCraft to surprise many. If you have been considering getting into the game, you would be pleased to know that it caters to all from championship players to budding beginners and those hoping to simply relax and enjoy the game without focusing too much on their expertise level. However, if you are a budding gamer anticipating what this top-rated game will offer, these expert tips will go a long way in helping you find your feet.

League of Legends

Starting Out

Before you can start enjoying the adventure, you will need to have an account. Depending on how you would like to start your journey, you will have the option to open an account directly from the LoL website, or alternatively, you do also have the option to purchase a leveled account from unrankedsmurfs. Purchasing a level account is quite a popular option considering you would have access to some of the most unique skins and features that you would otherwise not be able to access until much later in the game. This means your first experience of the game will be absolutely enchanting.


Unlock Free Champions

If you have opted to open a traditional account, you will need to unlock free champions by playing through the tutorial. Once you have done this you can then select champions from the collections tab in the menu and choose from 14 free champions to play for the week’s rotation. While testing out the free champions it would be wise to note which ones you are most comfortable playing with as this will help you choose the most suitable champion.

Begin The Game

When you click the play option you will have a few different options to choose from, which may be somewhat confusing for budding players. Selecting CO-OPS vs AI would be the best choice for beginners as you will be able to adjust the difficulty. If you are playing alone you can select the find match button to enter a queue and find a team. Once you have entered the Champion select lobby you will then be able to select your champion, summoner spells, and determine the role you will play with your team.


Summoner Spells

Summoner spells are basically your special abilities within the game. This means that you should carefully consider your selection to ensure you are as powerful as possible. Even though you can select any summoner spells for your champion, it would be wise to opt for ones that synergize best with your chosen champion.


Time For Gameplay

Once you have managed to navigate your way to gameplay, to summarize your role, you will need to defeat your nexus alongside your team. As the nexus is protected by 3 inhibitors as well as 3 lanes of towers, you and your team will need to clear towers and work together to destroy the inhibitors and ultimately destroy the nexus.


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