Tips To Improve Your Aim Training Fortnite

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Aim training Fortnite is all about improving your accuracy of target and reflexes. The better a player is, the more likely he is to hit targets. Here we will share with you tips to improve the aim.


The Characteristic Of Your Weapons Affects Your Accuracy.

Different weapons and different bullets can affect the accuracy of individual players separately. The weapon’s distance, its bullet spread, and the angle of attack also play an essential role in hitting the aim correctly. So you need to know the properties of your weapon. Whether it is projectile or hitscan?  or is it long, mid or short range. What is the bullet spread/ drop of your weapon? Keep in mind to check your weapons stats before using them for practice.


Low Vs. High Sensitivity

Keep in mind to adjust your PC settings and mouse sensitivity. It is essential to know the speed you are comfortable with to play the game. Sensitivity is a personal preference. Both high and low sensitivity have their pros and cons. The ideal condition is to find a balance between both of them.

High sensitivity

It helps you Build and track movement quickly. It helps you in practicing quick shots and tracking down enemies and running them down quickly.

Low sensitivity

Low sensitivity is excellent support for shooting. You need to consider your crafting speed and skills while using low sensitivity because it hinders the crafting abilities of the player.


Train The Crosshair On Enemies

Follow the enemy movements as you shoot them. Assault rifles, SMGs, and hitscans are more robust with tracking as they keep hitting the enemy as long as the cursor is on them.


Remember To Track The Movement Of Your Enemy Horizontally.

That way, even when the enemy is jumping, your crosshair will land on their bodies. On the other hand, if you are jumping to avoid the shot of your enemy,  try aiming downwards as this will allow you to hit the enemy’s hitbox. If, however, the enemy is attempting to crouch to avoid headshots. Then the best aim for you will be to aim at the center of their body. That way, the bullet will either hit their body or their head while crouching.


Learn To Predict The Enemy Movements

Observe your enemy’s movements and align your shot according to the direction in which you think they will be moving. Projectile weapons like the Sniper rifle and the rocket launcher depend on how well you predict the enemy’s position. The best way to hit your enemy is to position your crosshairs in their direction of running. If you set your crosshair ahead of them and shoot when they cross your sight,  then you will be able to gun them down well. Once you anticipate your enemy’s movement well, you will be able to hit them better. For instance, If they are moving left and right to prevent being shot,  shoot while they are in the middle of swiveling.

We hope these tips will improve your aim training Fortnite.

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