Tips to Maximizing Your Blackjack Bets


Blackjack is one of the most rewarding and popular casino table games. This is because of the payout opportunities one derives from playing the game. After all, blackjack is one of the games with the best odds at a casino.

However, irrespective of the sweet odds blackjack offers, if you don’t work on maximizing your bets, you might not end up with many wins. Not many people know it but winning at blackjack starts from playing Blackjack at Nitro Casino or other top-notch sites in the market. Doing this lays the foundation for a safe and enjoyable experience even before you start wagering on blackjack.

Below we have covered the exclusive tips to maximizing your bets and winning big on blackjack. 

Choose Variants With the Most Flexible Rules

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to playing blackjack online. There are many options to choose from, so why not go for the best. Search for blackjack tables with the most flexible playing rules. For example, only play on tables with 3-2 blackjack payout, and avoid tables with 6-5 payoff.

In addition, choose tables that allow players to double down when the dealer stands on soft 17 and where you can double after splitting pairs. However, it is even better if surrender is offered; few decks like 1 or 2 are always better than 6 or 8 decks. So you have better odds with fewer decks.

Learn Basic Blackjack Betting Strategy

Guess work doesn’t work in the blackjack game, so you must learn the game’s basic strategies: the right way to split, stand, hit and double down. Many mathematicians have studied the blackjack game for years, and the studies have shown that there is an optimal method to win and reduce losses when playing the game. 

When you learn this basic blackjack strategy and use it to play every hand, you can reduce the house edge to less than 1%. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t attempt to play the blackjack game without first understanding the basic strategies or rules you are playing against. 

Set a Budget

This is very important, especially when playing blackjack at online casinos. Due to the comfort you get from online casinos, you might pay less attention to your spending. So before you start betting, set a budget, and it should be what you can afford.

Also, using the money you are not afraid to lose is vital. In blackjack, you can have multiple winnings and many losses. So when placing bets, keep in mind that there is a chance of losing your money.

Don’t Play Insurance Wagers

Avoid insurance Wagers; the odds do not favor you. Many blackjack experts have referred to insurance bets as sucker bets because although it features a big payout, it gives the house a whopping 6% advantage over you. 

Start Small and go Easy on the Booze

If you just arrived at the blackjack table, especially if you are a newbie, you should start by wagering smaller amounts of money to understand the situation. 

Also, although alcoholic drinks are readily available at land-based casinos, it doesn’t mean you should consume them without control. It may dull your senses and get you too excited, and this is very bad for gambling.

Also, you shouldn’t drink while playing games online. To avoid making costly mistakes, you should be focused on playing the game perfectly rather than getting drunk. 

Don’t be Distracted by Other Players

Blackjack is not a team game. So, if you are playing live blackjack or at a physical casino that may involve you sitting or playing alongside other players, learn to ignore the distractions from other players. Follow the basic blackjack strategy regardless of what other players are doing, whether you won or lost the previous rounds and how much you bet. 

Every Session is Different 

In blackjack, avoid progressive strategies – basing your current bet on the success of previous bets. You shouldn’t place bets based on whether or not you lost or won the earlier sessions; rather, it should be based on high-value and low-value cards in the deck.

Also, if you are a regular player, you should try out some simple card counting systems to help tell the value of unplayed cards. 

In addition, do not place higher bets because you believe or feel you are due to win this time; the game does not in any way recognize whether you have had many losses in the past sessions. So regardless of what happens, never forget that every session is different in blackjack, especially when you are playing online. 

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