Tips, Tricks & Hacks: Get the Most Out of the LG G5


The new LG G5 is not your typical smartphone. For one, it’s modular. Not only can you remove the battery, but you can also actually plug in custom-designed modules for enhanced functionality. Think of it as the multitool or Swiss Army knife of smartphones and in this day and age we all look for greater internet speed and this device is equipped to provide you amazing lighting internet. It’s an incredibly versatile – and useful – smartphone that prides itself on running in the opposite direction of the prevailing notion on what a smartphone can and should be. If you own one or are considering buying one, here are some tips to get the most out of it.


1. Take Advantage of LG’s Add-on Modules

One of the most unique aspects of LG’s new G5 smartphone is its available module add-ons. Clipping into the phone like a pistol magazine, these modules greatly enhance the phone’s built-in functionalities and usability. At launch, the LG G5 is available with the Hi-Fi Plus Audio pack and the Cam Plus camera module. The audio module gives the G5 high-resolution audio capability for unparalleled audio quality, while the Cam Plus module provides physical camera controls for improved pictures. Both turn the G5 into something far more than a simple smartphone (and let’s not forget the expandable storage).


2. Personalize the Smart Settings

As with all computer products, so much of a device’s usefulness comes from tailoring it to your specific needs – the LG G5 is no different. To access the Smart Settings, navigate to the top-level settings menu. From there, Smart Settings allows you to create a wide number of personalized functions. With Smart Settings, you can create custom profiles for when you’re at home and when you’re away, for example. You can also launch a particular application automatically when headphones are inserted into the device or a Bluetooth device is synced to your phone. They’re really clever and transform the phone into something that is truly “smart.”


3. Explore the Camera

Even without LG’s Cam Plus camera module, the new G5 still offers budding photographers a tremendous amount of control. You can share to social media directly from the camera, operate the camera in Manual mode for complete control, and even take advantage of a number of built-in programs, such as multi-view and panorama. There’s even a 135-degree wide-angle lens that lets you zoom out from the standard 75-degree lens. There’s no longer a need to back yourself up against the wall when trying to take group photos in confined spaces. The camera on the G5 should satisfy everyone from the selfie-taking teen to the pro who left their DSLR at home.


4. Kill the Bloatware

If you want your phone to run at peak efficiency, why not disable or uninstall the apps that you use least? With the G5, you can do this; in fact, it’s downright easy. Simply navigate to Apps under the top-level settings menu. Once you arrive, you can select all apps to disable or uninstall the ones that you don’t want. And lest you think this is unnecessary, because you assume all of the apps on your phone will be ones that you yourself downloaded, don’t forget that your device is likely to come with a whole slew of applications pre-installed, from both LG and your service provider. Kill them!


5. Use the Built-in Shortcuts

Shortcuts, shortcuts, shortcuts. Once you learn them, you will never use your phone the same way again. Thankfully, the LG G5 has a lot of shortcuts at your disposal. Try these ones for yourself. A double press of the Up volume button launches LG Capture+, which lets you take down notes instantly. A double press of the Down volume button launches the camera application (you can also customize the setting to take a shot instantly). Press and hold the Recent Apps key, and the menu function appears, regardless of whether you are in an app or on the Home screen. Learn the phone’s shortcuts and you will find your phone transformed.


The New LG G5 is Worth a Look

With so many of today’s smartphones looking and functioning exactly like one another, the LG G5 stands out from the crowd. Its add-on modules are both unique and appealing, and the phone itself has a lot to offer. With carriers like T-Mobile offering all sorts of incentives to new customers (recently, the carrier added major streaming services like YouTube to its #BingeOn program, which provides free streaming of music and video), there has never been a better time to upgrade to a new device or change carriers. If you already own a G5, that might be the ultimate hack – have you considered ditching your old service provider?


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