Titanfall 2 DLC: Angel City’s Most Wanted Revealed

Titanfall 2 DLC: Angel City’s Most Wanted

Respawn Entertainment and EA have released the new information on Titanfall 2‘s first DLC pack and most fan-favorite map is been redesigned Angel City from Titanfall, now called “Angel City’s Most Wanted.”

Additional free content set to be released with the map includes a new sidearm:

  • B3 Wingman Elite pistol
    • This high caliber revolver has a custom ergonomic grip to mitigate heavy recoil in heavy-G to low-G environments. It has been outfitted with a match trigger group bringing its pull weight down to 1.5 lbs. Other modifications are a black parkerized finish, forward rail plates, and a rear mounted Iron-Dot reflex sight.

And new Titan Kits:

  • Ion: Refraction Lens
    • Splitter Rifle splits 5 ways
  • Scorch: Scorched Earth
    • Flame Core ignites the ground, leaving thermite in its wake
  • Northstar: Threat Optics
    • Enemies are highlighted while zooming in
  • Tone: Burst Loader
    • Aiming allows the 40mm to store up to 3 shots to burst fire
  • Legion: Hidden Compartment
    • Power Shot has two charges
  • Ronin: Phase Reflex
  • Pilot Execution: Inner Pieces
    • Phase into an unsuspecting victim

In addition, some paid cosmetic items will be released in the updated including:

    • Stand out on the Frontier in Titanfall 2 with Prime Titans. These all new chassis change the shape of the Ion and Scorch Titans, also unlocking new sound effects and a devastating new execution. Become one with your new Ion and Scorch Prime Titans to crush your enemies in style!
    • Customize your Titan with five new Nose Arts and an exclusive Warpaint skin. Each of the 6 Multiplayer Titans will have their own art packs!
    • Show off on the Frontier with the Angel City’s Most Wanted Callsign Pack. Pack includes instant access to 20 new, exclusive Callsigns with 10 Callsign patches.
    • Fight in style with the Angel City’s Most Wanted Camo Pack. Pack includes 20 new, exclusive Camos that can be applied to every Titan, Titan Weapon, Pilot, and Pilot Weapon.
    • Purchase the Nitro Scorch Pack to give your Titan some extra flair, featuring a special Nitro Warpaint and Firebrand Nose Art customization for the Scorch Titan as well as the unique GOLD| Beast Mode Callsign.
    • Get the Titanfall™ 2 Deluxe Edition Upgrade to stand out with Prime upgrades for Ion & Scorch and more. Prime Titans upgrade the shape of your Titan, change the sound effects and unlock new executions. You’ll also be able to customize every Titan with the Excalibur Chrome Warpaints and Thunderbird Nose Arts, as well as the Splinter Ocean and Quantum Ocean Camos for every Titan, Pilot, and Weapon in the game.

The remastered version will be released starting on November 30th for players who pre-ordered Titanfall 2 and for all other players on Saturday, December 3rd.

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