Titanic 2 Cruise Ship

titanic 2 cruise ship

Titanic 2  Cruise Ship ‘Professor’ Palmer launches Titanic II plans, Well another billionaire is getting into another billion-dollar project but all aside there is no way I’m getting on its maiden voyage even if another cruise ship run alongside it and the only reason is I will be a bad modern-day ‘Jack’ well hokes aside its another chance of living the past and be a part of something magical (Not for your painting ventures 🙂 ).

Australian billionaire Clive Palmer unveiled his grand design plans to build a modern-day replica of the doomed Titanic, confirming the cruise liner would make its maiden voyage in 2016.

At a press conference in New York on Tuesday, and following a rendition of Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On, “Professor” Palmer told the world’s media construction of the 835-cabin ship would begin in China later this year.

The Titanic was a ship of dreams. Titanic II will be the ship where dreams come true. 

He said 40,000 people had already registered for tickets on the first voyage, which will retrace the fateful 1912 trip from Southampton to New York, in which more than 1300 passengers and crew died.

Titanic 2 Cruise Ship
 Among those interested were 16 who were willing to pay between $750,000 and $1 million for a spot. Refusing to divulge the cost of Titanic II (“I have enough money to pay it so that’s all that really matters”), the 58-year-old said it was not about money but recreating the romance and memories of a bygone era – minus the iceberg.“One of the benefits of global warming is there are not as many icebergs in the North Atlantic,” he quipped.“The Titanic was a ship of dreams. Titanic II will be the ship where dreams come true.”

Passengers aboard the 10-deck ship will be provided with 1912-style outfits to wear during their holiday, and there would be no phone, television and he was debating about internet access.

“You can take the wife and fall in love again.”

Titanic II will have Turkish baths, a smoking room, a casino, a theatre, and a hospital. Key differences to the original include a high-tech engine, air conditioning, and a safety deck with more lifeboats (including 18 covered motorized lifeboats).

As with the original, there would be first, second, and third classes and they would not be allowed to mingle. Palmer himself said he would be traveling third class, dressed in a wig and 1912 garb.

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