Tom Hanks Admits to Behaving Badly on Movie Sets

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Tom Hanks, the acclaimed actor with two Academy Awards to his name, has garnered recognition for his remarkable performances across a wide range of films. From his compelling portrayals in dramas such as “Philadelphia” and “Forrest Gump,” which earned him his Oscars, to his comedic roles in movies like “Big” and his TV series “Bosom Buddies,” Hanks has showcased his versatility. He has also charmed audiences in romantic comedies like “Sleepless in Seattle” and “You’ve Got Mail,” along with numerous feel-good films.

Often hailed as the epitome of a nice guy on screen, Hanks has been affectionately referred to as America’s Sweetheart. However, despite his amiable reputation, Hanks openly confessed to imperfections during his time on certain sets. During an interview with BBC News while promoting his latest novel, “Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece,” Hanks revealed that some of the flawed characters depicted in the book, exhibit behaviors such as misconduct, meltdowns, and mistreatment of others on set, were inspired by his own challenging experiences in the film industry.

“I have pulled every single one of those moments of behavior myself on a set. Not everybody is at their best every single day on a motion picture set. I’ve had tough days trying to be a professional when my life has been falling apart in more ways than one and the requirement for me that day is to be funny, charming, and loving – and it’s the last way I feel.”

He also hinted that other accounts that are fictionally depicted in the novel may reflect some of the experiences Hanks has had working with some of Hollywood’s elite that are revered but are actually not as nice as you’d hope. He went on:

“You will be amazed at how many people know that they can get away with it, and are told they can get away with it because they are carrying the movie on their shoulders.”

I think people have a good idea about the fact that some actors can be a total pain. We’ve heard stories about difficult people in the business, so it’s not a shocker, but it is interesting.

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