Tom Hanks Recruits Wax US Presidents To Save The World in John Oliver

Tom Hanks

“Gentlemen… let’s go wax these b******.”

John Oliver is having such a blast with five wax U.S. Presidents that he bought for $13,700 from a museum that shut down in Gettysburg, Pa. Presidents in his collection include Warren G. Harding, Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon, William Henry Harrison and Jimmy Carter.

He has done a comedy skit with the presidents in the past as well and this time he got Tom Hanks in his comic arsenal.

In the comic short, You will see Mr. Hanks address the five presidents to recruit them because “the fate of humanity is at stake” and he needs them to save the world. Hanks is so serious in this silly video that makes it amazing. If you love Tom Hanks or John Oliver this small comedy short will crack you up.

You can also watch the previously released video with Anna Kendrick below.

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