Tom Hardy Is a Real Life Superhero Chases Down Moped Thief

Apparently, two teenagers fleeing on a stolen moped abandoned their prize after crashing into a car, and Hardy sprang into action. Using language so well and quintessentially British that I can’t help but wonder if I’m being trolled, witnesses described to The Sun the “mental” scene of Hardy, looking “as mad as he does on the telly,” taking off in pursuit of one of the fugitives, vaulting over a series of garden walls—”it was like an assault course,” gushed one new Tom Hardy fan for life—to catch the presumably terrified thief and make a citizen’s arrest. One gentleman, while gesticulating wildly and pumping his fist, I imagine, raved that it was as if Hardy had “switched to superhero mode in an action movie,” and added that if the fugitive “had been dumb enough to resist,” he reckoned that “Tom would have given him a good hiding.” Even in print, you can almost hear the quavering disappointment in his voice.

Tom Hardy

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