Tommy Lee Jones is Selling Canned Coffee in Japan

Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones appearing in a Super Bowl ad this Sunday to sell trucks, now, let’s take a look at his long career as a canned coffee salesman in Japan.

Since 2006, Tommy Lee Jones has appeared in a series of Boss coffee ads. Boss is a Suntory brand of hot coffee that is sold canned (hot or cold). In the ads, Jones is an alien visiting Japan. He always has some different job—such as train station employee, taxi driver, or a tanned host—as he lives in his new places. Some of the ads are kind of touching!

An outsider starring in Japanese commercials is not something new. But, Tommy Lee Jones doesn’t just star in Japanese ads for the paycheck: After the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, Jones sang in a commercial with a full host of Japanese celebrities. All of them—Jones, included—appeared in the commercial for free to increase the country’s morale. Jones, was the only foreigner.

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