TONOR TC-777 Review – Incredible $50 USB Mic

Vlogging is on the rise and high-quality mics are in high demand, If you are in a market of highly versatile and affordable microphones that TONOR TC-777 is the one for you. The market is littered with mics. But picking the perfect one for you which comes with lots of options an ideal product from the lot is always a hard task to perform for a less techy person. Go through the following review on TONOR TC-777 that will enable you to get rid of all your suspicions. Check out our review and see the variety of options this mic comes with. Let’s check the features of TONOR TC-777 USB Microphone:

Sturdy and Rugged Design

TONOR TC-777 comes with a user-friendly and driver-free design. You don’t need any technical wiz to install this mic it is very easy to install and using it is just as easy. It looks awesome and it is very compact in size thereby it is one of the most compatible USB microphones out there. The stand is sturdy in design which makes it an amazing device to take it out outdoors and it is perfect for outdoor vlogging.


Background Noise Cancelling Cardioid Pickup Pattern

TONOR TC-777 comes with an incredible cardioids pickup pattern. This is a high-end feature, the microphone gives you an extremely crisp, smooth, and crystal clear sound outdoors. It easily bypasses excessive background noise which makes sure that any user gets precisely what he wants to record, indoors and outdoors.

Plug & Play Design

TONOR TC-777 USB 2.0 port makes sure that you don’t need any driver software, or sound card to work with this mic can be connected to PC or laptops via the MicroUSB port. TONOR TC-777 is an excellent mic for YouTube video recording, podcasting, streaming live videos, and gaming online. The noise-canceling option of this USB microphone is above average which is perfect for different types of uses. The TC-777 microphone works on the default Windows or Mac mic driver. Just connect the cable and the device will start working automatically.


The said mic is very easy to install and anyone can get it started in a few mins, attach the stand and you are ready to go. Set the pop filter correctly, you can effortlessly plug it in and play. You can use it with Apple, LINUX, and Windows systems. It readily supports the PS4 which makes it preferred by video game streamers.

Technical Specification

  • TONOR TC-777 comes with a frequency response of 100Hz – 16 kHz and a sensitivity of -38dB±3dB.
  • The output impedance of 680Ω and S/N ratio of 56dB separates it from other USB microphones available in the market.

Price And What Comes In The Box

TONOR TC-777 is available on online stores like Amazon and it will cost you just $42.

The package of TONOR TC-777 comes with some useful accessories which are quite useful for a variety of uses. It comes with the main microphone, Mic Tripod, Pop Filter, Mini Shock Mount, Power cord, service card, and manual that will take you through its installation process and tell you all about the mic.

The TONOR TC-777 comes with all the bits that you are going to need to use the device, so you don’t need to buy some extra bits to get it running.

Most notably are the accessories TC-777 comes with, All in all, TONOR TC-777 is a perfect choice if you are looking for an entry-level microphone that will cost you less than $50. It is value for money and gets you started in a very pocket-friendly way.

You can buy TONOR TC-777 from Amazon.


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