Tony Starks House Value

 How Much Is Tony Stark’s House from ‘Iron Man’ Worth?

Ever wonder about where a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist calls home? And how much it’d be worth in real U.S. dollars?

Truth: Tony Stark’s house in the Iron Man movies might be one of the dopest bachelor pads in movie history. Unfortunately, Stark’s posh beach digs are the stuff of fantasy thanks to lots of clever CGI set design. Still, the Iron Mansion seems real enough for a real estate valuation.

Let’s start with the location. Back when “Iron Man 2” came out, director Jon Favreau explained the exterior shots of the house are on a dramatic bluff called Point Dume in Malibu that’s part of a California State Park. Super nerdy movie fact: This location in Malibu is also where the classic scene Jackie Treehorn scene from “The Big Lebowski” was filmed.

Phil Saunders, the concept artist for Marvel who visualized Iron Man’s home for the movie, elaborated on the thought behind the home when the movie came out:

Production Designer Michael Riva mandated a Malibu cliffside home in the vein of John Lautner’s really organic cast concrete & glass homes. The first designs were for set extensions of existing homes, but nothing we scouted looked like a billionaire’s home. A few multi-millionaires homes but… So I came up with this design and perched it in the most decadent location I could think of, right on top of Point Dume, a California State Park. Who else but a billionaire could get those building permits? The garage under the cantilevered living room I really liked, looking out over the ocean between the buttresses. Since that’s where Tony really lives, it should still have a nice view. The actual garage set is three times the size of the living room and would never fit in that space below, but thanks to the magic of movie geography, it’s never apparent.

So how much is Tony Stark’s house worth? One real estate brokerage firm Movoto crunched the numbers and came up with a $117.2 million real estate valuation. To put it in perspective, Iron Man’s house is evaluated at more than THREE TIMES the price of Batman’s Wayne Manor, which Movoto valued at a paltry $32 million. Pssssh. Bruce Wayne has nothing on Tony Stark when it comes to an eye for real estate:

Armed with both our fictional home’s square footage and a price, I slapped them together using a handy concept known as “multiplication” to come up with a price point of $117,250,000. This buys you just the house and doesn’t include the insane amount of gadgets Stark has threaded through the structure. In fact, if I added in J.A.R.V.I.S. —the artificial intelligence that runs the house—the price could easily increase by $150 million. My bet is it would be a lot more, as that price is how much it costs to develop current artificial intelligence programs like Siri—which are, obviously, far less advanced than Jarvis. But this is moot since Stark would never leave Jarvis behind if he sold his pad.

They also created this nifty infographic breaking down the valuation:

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