Tony Stark’s Most Important Weapon

With all the millions and millions of dollars spent in special effects in order to bring Tony Stark’s world of armor and gadgets to life, there’s something on the cheaper end of movie magic that may be just as important to Robert Downey Jr’s performance as Iron Man… his shoes.

There’s no lack of short actors, no pun intended, in Hollywood. Walk on any studio lot and there are doors or complete sets that are scaled down to make the actors look taller. Compared to his Iron Man co-star, RDJ (5′ 8.5″), is only half an inch shorter than Gwyneth Paltrow (5′ 9″). But when you put Pepper Potts in those heels, and we’re not complaining (the view is great), you’ve gotta keep the leading man, the leading MAN.

Robert Downey’ Jr. IS Tony Stark, and even if they had to use some Lord of The Rings-style forced perspective shots in order to ensure that he’ll be Iron Man for future films to come, I say do it.

In the first Iron Man film, we saw some clever but subtle “footwork.”

In this pic from Iron Man 2, they throw subtlety out the window, and he’s in full-on ladies heels mode.

Back to something more masculine filming a scene later in the film.

Even for the upcoming Iron Man 3, in a scene (which we saw at Comic-Con) where he’s entirely solo as he tries on the new armor that flies through the air towards him piece by piece, he’s still rockin’ those lifts.

Even for premiers, if he’s gonna be near Gwyneth, he better climb aboard those vertical improvements.

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