Top 10 Best Educational Android Games in 2016

Teaching your kids the essential skills might seem, at first, like a hard thing to do, especially when you have to choose from a lot of boring books featuring the same, old animal-like character.

What if we told you that there’s an easier way to teach your tyke something useful without boring him or her to death? No, we aren’t going to give you another list of great books for kid skills. Instead, we are going to tell you all about the best Android applications that you can use to teach your kids how the world works.

Fun and educative, these applications are sure to impress your kids, even if they don’t feature any superheroes like Batman or Superman.

1_toca lab application android

10. Toca Lab

Maybe someday your child may become a great scientist, and Toca Lab is just the gig to get him working on his science skills. Toca Lab teaches your kid everything about the ABC of physics and how chemistry works.

Engage in fun lab experiments, learn the table of elements using memory interactive games and perform some of the wackiest experiments out there in a safe, virtual environment.

Your kid will be guided step-by-step during each experiment by the most unusual and goofy characters, whose silly voice-acting is sure to stir a couple of giggles.

The application costs around one dollar, and it has no in-application purchases.

2_Stellarium Mobile Sky Map application

9. Stellarium Mobile Sky Map

Turn your smartphone into a full-fledged telescope and show your kids every constellation in the night’s sky. The application is easy to use:  at dusk, when the first stars appear, just start the application, and point your smartphone towards the sky.

The app’s intelligent engine will automatically detect, locate and draw the shape of each and every constellation. Apart from this awesome feature, the application also includes a comprehensible astronomy encyclopedia, where you and your kids can read all about the heavenly bodies.

Note that Stellarium costs around 2 dollars and it also has many in-app purchases.

3_Dr. Pand Hospital application

8. Panda Hospital

Doctor Panda needs your help more than ever. Although he’s a good doctor and teacher, he has his hands full. Give Doctor Panda of help by stepping in the shoes of a young doctor working at his hospital.

This game is a great way to teach your kids about what’s happening in our bodies and why do we get sick. Mend broken bones, cure feverish animals, do a lot of X-Rays and prescribe recipes to a lot of poor and sick animals.

Dr. Panda Hospital also teaches kids the value of taking care of those who are sick. The application is free for download on Google’s Play Store but contains ads and in-application purchases.

4_Words for kids reading games application

7. Words for Kids – Reading Games

This application developed by Nimble Minds is a good way to teach your children how to read and write. Follow Bud, on his letter-learning adventures, as he strives to identify as many letters, words, and sayings, through multiple colorful environments, such as schools, cities, and his house.

Words for Kids contains many fun activities that boost vocabulary learning, improve writing skills and helps your kid understand how to use words. The application also has fun quizzes that can help your child expand their general knowledge.

5_Animal Sounds application

6. Animal Sounds

Let your kid become the ultimate zoologist with this amusing and colorful educational application. The application has approximately 80 pre-programmed animal sounds, ranging from the backyard mother hen to the lions, gorillas, and toucans.

Your kid’s job is to match the sounds heard on the device with the name and the picture of the animal. Score enough points, and you will be able to unlock the extra content features, which is a large compilation of fun facts about the animal kingdom.

6_Math learning games for kids

5. Math learning games for kids

Math doesn’t have to be that scary, a fact proven by this fun and entertaining application. Join the squirrel’s adventure through the world of numbers, as he jumps around, runs and much more. This app is a great starter for children to learn the basics of math, like counting, multiplication, division, and subtraction.

7_Fruits and Vegetables application

4. Fruits and vegetables

Let your child learn everything about the importance of fruits and vegetables. The application contains a lot of fun games and activities involving fruits and veggies. From “name that veggie”, to fun facts about legumes and fruits, this application is ideal for parents who are having a hard time convincing their kids of eating their side-dishes.

8_Happy Studio application

3. Happy Studio

Encourage your kid to learn a thing or two about the arts with Happy Studio, an application featuring McDonald’s beloved box-type characters. Switch your learning environment: choose from drawing and painting, music skills and even inventing.

9_Dr. Panda School application

2. Panda School

The beloved character Dr. Panda returns in this game, where it’s all about students and teachers. Choose between being a student or a teacher, and engage in fun and educational activities like creating the perfect arts and crafts room, setting the cafeteria menu, cleaning the school, designing the playground.

Dr. Panda School also has a learning module where kids can learn reading, writing and math skills.

10_The Human World for Kids application

1. The Human World for Kids

The Human World for Kids is your child’s very first encyclopedia. It contains a large collection of colorful flashcards about everything your child can think of, including professions, furniture, and vehicles.

Remember that teaching your child the basic doesn’t have to be hard nor tedious. It’s all a matter of attitude and using the right tool for the job.

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