Top 10 Car Movies to Watch

Don’t we all just love cars? I know I do! To me, and a whole lot of you out there too, cars stand for more than just a mode of transport, a toll to get you from here to there. No, they mean much more than that. Cars are your first taste of true freedom, your first friend and companion, you loyal steed when you go on this adventure called life. My car has, over time, become a part of the family, a storehouse of memories, and at times, a substitute for home.

Because I love cars so much, I enjoy car movies a lot as well. I’m a movie buff in general, but car movies are like a whole other level of awesome. It’s like strawberries and cream or beer and bacon. Great on their own too, but absolutely amazing when combined. I’ve watched a lot of car movies (a ton load!) and have narrowed my choices down to my 10 most favorite ones of all. Some of you might disagree with my choices, or have a few changes in my list. I respect that, in fact, I have a challenge for you. Pick your favorites, put it on your blog and cross link this piece, that way we get a wider variety of amazing car movies to choose from. So let’s get this show on the road.


Gone in 60 seconds.

Being young and all that, I hadn’t seen the original when it came out, but the 2000 remake starring Angelina Jolie and Nicholas Cage? Man, I love that movie! Fast cars, Grand Theft Auto, a baddie with a British accent? What’s not to like? And of course, there’s the Ford Mustang Fastback – Eleanor, amazing.

The Italian Job. 

I did watch both the original and the remake, and I like the one from 1969 better. Michael Caine was legendary, and the heist based movie is great fun, made more so by the MINIs and the Jags. Mark Wahlberg’s 2003 remake wasn’t as good (apart from Charlize Theron maybe).


The animated film starring awesome Nascar racer Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson)and set in an all car universe? Recipe for awesomeness! I know it was originally meant as a movie for kids, but I was as giddy as the 12 year old sitting next to me in the cinema on the day it came out (we high-fived when McQueen pulled off the drift-turn during the race)and left the cinema feeling really, really good.

The Fast and the Furious.

This movie had everything! Japanese tuners, American muscle, European jet-setters, you name it. All set along the plot line of illegal street racing and undercover cops. A proper auto-action movie with a stress on the action bit, and a wholesome entertainer that spawned a whole franchise, and took Vin Diesel’s career to a whole new level, and also gave us the late great Paul Walker.

Smokey and the Bandit.

Burt Reynolds again, with the gorgeous Sally Fields play the leading lady (or was the ‘77 Trans Am the leading lady?) this movie is about running Coors beer from Texas to Atlanta during the probation. Beer and a squeal-y smokey muscle car? Sign me up.

The Cannonball Run.

This one too was before my time, but I watched it anyway and it was one of the best decisions I made in my life. Thoroughly entertaining and with an 80’s star cast that would have blown your mind if you were a teen then.Burt Reynolds, Roger Moore, Farrah Fawcett, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Terry Bradshaw and even a young Jackie Chan. It’s a cross country street race, which is hilariously entertaining.


A cop with a car, taking down bad guys. It’s been redone to death by now, but Bullit was probably the first of the genre, and set the standard for the clincher of all movies of this genre – the epic car chase. Steve McQueen absolutely slayed it as  with this 1968 action film in that  – 68 Mustang GT390, although how Frank Bullit managed to shift up so many times in the movie is still a mystery (Some theorists suggest a magic transmission system). Even that couldn’t take anything away from the sheer brilliance of this movie though.

Need for Speed.

Based on the immensely popular video game franchise I grew up on, this one has just come out, like a few days back, and I went for it as soon as it hit the cinemas. Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad plays the lead role of a framed ex-felon trying to set things right. The cars are amazing, the stunts are mind blowing, and the movie has no CGI! So it’s all real, and it is stupendously good. Although I hope they got in touch with a proper insurance company and explored their options, like the types of auto insurance coverage The Hartford provides. Because, with no CGI and stunts like that, auto insurance will have been a must have during the shoot.

American Graffiti.

We Americans sure do love our hot rods. It’s part of our past, part of our heritage really. American Graffiti is a tribute to that very heritage. Ron Howard and Richard Dreyfuss star in this 1973 classic about a road trip taken by four friends, from California, and the best part? It is directed by none other than George Lucas.


Based on the rivalry of F1 racers James Hunt and NikiLauda, this movie is one of the most dramatic and beautiful shot race movies ever. It covers what was one of the greatest rivalries in Motorsport, at a time when F1 was going through its peak. In particular, it covers that iconic season of 1976, where death was a very real possibility in the races.


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