Top 10 Celebrities That Have Addiction Problems

Celebrity addictions are often a topic of scandal and news reports. Although celebrity addictions might not seem notable, it is possible to learn from their experiences and trials. Celebrities who overcome addictions are an inspiration for men, women and teens who are struggling with substance abuse. Those who are still trying are an encouragement when you relapse and feel upset about the mistake. Giving up an addiction is not easy, but celebrities have shown it is possible with the right tools and help.

1.) Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan is notorious for her struggles against addiction. She has gone to several rehab programs in an attempt to give up substance abuse, but inevitably she has also relapsed and gained attention on several occasions.

After her last attempt to recover with a short-term program, she relapsed and was court ordered to attend a 90-day program. Although it is her sixth attempt to give up substance abuse, the longer program will give her more tools to maintain a long-lasting recovery for the future.

2.) Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry is most notable for his role in the television show “Friends.” In 1991, he entered rehab to overcome an addiction to prescription pain relievers. Although he gave up that addiction, he developed alcohol addiction and entered another program in 2001. Since giving up alcohol, the actor has taken entered rehab again to help maintain his sobriety because he worries about relapsing in the future.

3.) Demi Moore

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Demi Moore is a famous figure in Hollywood and she became notable for addiction after her break-up with Ashton Kutcher. When she was hospitalized for substance abuse, she entered rehab and is still working on a full recovery from the depression and substance abuse that led to rehabilitation.

4.) Brooke Mueller

Brooke Mueller

Brooke Mueller is trying to overcome an addiction to prescription pain relievers. Although she checked into a rehab program to fight the addiction to the drugs, her battle against substance abuse is taking a long-term treatment approach. She is expected to transfer from a short-term program into a long-term transitional program.

5.) Gerard Butler

Celebrities That Have Addiction Problems

The famous Scottish actor took steps to fight addiction when he recognized a negative pattern from prescription drugs. Although he began using pain relievers for legitimate reasons, the actor noticed that he was beginning to become reliant on the drugs. He voluntarily entered a rehab program and is working on fighting the addiction.

6.) Charlie Sheen

Celebrities That Have Addiction Problems

Charlie Sheen is noteworthy due to his constant battles against addiction. Although the actor has entered rehab and attempted to give up drugs, he has also relapsed several times. Since his last time in rehab, the actor has seemingly remained drug-free. It is not yet clear whether he will be able to maintain a drug-free lifestyle.

7.) Kate Moss

Celebrities That Have Addiction Problems

Kate Moss is noted for her heroin and cocaine abuse. Although she has checked into a rehab program to work through her addictions and other emotional challenges, she is still in the process of trying to get control over her drug abuse.

8.) Robin Williams

Celebrities That Have Addiction Problems

Robin Williams is one of the most well-known comedians in Hollywood. Although he did face a cocaine addiction and come out victorious against the drug, he struggled to give up alcohol 20 years after giving up the other substance. He checked into a rehab program to get control over his alcohol addiction and has since taken steps to reduce his risk of further addictions in the future.

9.) Eric Dane

Celebrities That Have Addiction Problems

Eric Dane, an actor on “Grey’s Anatomy,” went on an acting hiatus due to his addiction to prescription pain killers. The actor began using the drugs to combat pain from a sports injury, but noticed that he was becoming dependent on the drug. He checked into a rehab program voluntarily and is working on his recovery.

10.) Mischa Barton

Celebrities That Have Addiction Problems

The OC actress went into rehab after being caught drinking and driving. Along with alcohol addiction, the actress was found with other substances and was court ordered into a rehab program.

It Can Happen to Anyone

Celebrities face a wide range of temptations, including drug and alcohol abuse. For some celebrities, the battle with drugs is a constant battle. Others are able to work through the problems and live without drugs after getting professional help. It just shows that no matter the walk of life you come from, addiction can consume your life.

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