Top 10 Female Super Heroes

Nowadays in comic books and action movies women are becoming more and more the lead character. Since comics and action movies tend to be more targeted towards men it is no wonder that female characters and superhero’s tend to be strong, beautiful and sexy. 2014 will be all about Superheroes, New movies are pumping out and now TV is getting the all new charged up take on the Superhero Scene.

So although this should be a list of the best female super heroes, let’s face it, the criteria is actually being more sexy than the previous one.

 10. Batwoman by abask5

Batwoman is the female counterpart of Batman. Her alter ego has been called both Kate and Kathy Kane. It has been mentioned in several comic titles that Batgirl is actually a lesbian. It is claimed that by making Batwoman a lesbian comic book publishers hoped to make their publications more diverse.

Batwoman does not have any superpowers so instead relies on her martial art skills and much of the same high-tech equipment that Batman uses.

 9. Buffy The Vampire SlayerBuffy The Vampire Slayer

It is pretty easy to believe that back in the day before Buffy was a vampire slayer and was simply known as, buffy Summers, she was actually a cheerleader. She certainly has the body for it. She became a vampire slayer when the previous slayer died and caused the innate superpowers in her to awaken. Her superpowers include enhanced speed, strength and agility

Usually, slayers will not last long due to the nature of their work but Buffy has managed to survive countless close calls and save the world from apocalypse several times. Buffy is a unique slayer that has no doubt helped in her success as a vampire slayer.

8. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a princess of the Amazons. It might be hard to believe but she was actually created as a feminist role model to bring ideals of peace, love, and sexual equality to the Amazons.

In her homeland she went by the name Diana of Themyscira and processes such powers as superhuman strength, super-speed, super-agility, and super-speed. She has exceptional abilities in hand to hand combat and the art of tactical warfare. She processes a lasso of truth which means whoever is bound by it has no other option, to tell the truth.

7. Supergirlsupergirl dc comics cosplay

Supergirl is the superhero cousin of Superman.  She has the same superpowers as her more famous cousin, including flying, superhuman strength, and be invulnerable. She also shares his weakness vulnerability to kryptonite.

For her alter ego she has taken on the name Kent like her cousin earth name.

 6. SpiderGirl by Jackie Fiallo


Spidergirl is the teenage daughter of Spiderman and Mary Jane Watson.

She has inherited her father’s abilities and processes superhuman strength. While not as strong as her father she is more agile than him.

5. Roguesexy rogue cosplay

Rogue is a character from marvel comics who appears in most of the X-Men stories.

Her superhero power is that she is a type of mutant who can absorb the powers, abilities, and psyches of others just through touch and skin contact. She can also absorb all of their memories, knowledge, talents, personality, and physical abilities even if they are not superhuman.

4. Claire BennettClaire Bennett

Claire Bennett is a very sexy school cheerleader turned superhero. Her character is from the NBC science fiction show, Hero’s.

Her superpower is the ability to spontaneous regeneration of any part of her body and its tissue. She does however need bones to be pushed back into place or things such as glass or knives to be removed in order for her to heal properly. Because of her superpower, she has an incredibly high tolerance for pain.

3. Emma Frost181681

Emma Frost is another of the characters created by Marvel. She was once the X-Men’s most dangerous foes but is now one of the main and central characters.

Her primary super mutant power is telepathy meaning she can send and receive thoughts from others. Her other powers include her ability to transform her body into an organic diamond. In this form, Frost is translucent and retains mobility while being nigh-invulnerable and able to support incredible amounts of weight. It has also been suggested in various stories that, Frost also has the ability of telekinesis.

2. Catwomancatwoman cosplay

Catwoman has at times been an adversary of Batman although at other times the pair has chemistry together resulting in a sort of love-hate relationship.

Catwoman does not appear to have any major superpowers apart from her nine lives. She is more known for her high kicks while wearing high heels and her whip.

1. Lara Croft


Although Lara Croft is not strictly a superhero she is still technically a comic book creation and is still a sexual fantasy of men all over the world. She first came to our attention through the very popular Tomb Raider video games but has also been portrayed on the big screen by Angelina Jolie.

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