Top 10 Gadgets Of July

A great new upgrade comes through the latest version of Arctic Handheld Laser which is a piece of technology that truly makes you feel like a true Jedi anyday. With its SmartSwitch feature that lets you control the power in your hands and the inclusion of over 2,000mW of fully variable power, all-new modes, a laser power indicator has made the device more stronger as an everyday accessory for all.

Instead of having those boring square shaped memos stuck everywhere around your workplace and the house, you can opt to look for a change through these Butterfly Deco-It Sticky Notes. Coming in the shape of beautiful butterflies having colors such as yellow, white, blue, green and pink, these memos are going to make sure your reminders look adorable on the wall or even on your desktop everyday.

You may have a light fixture or a hanging bulb at home but the King Kong Kabel is about making this decoration more beautiful and eye-catching. Having King Kong himself grabbing your cable, you can now adjust your fixture’s length depending on how you prefer time and again.

Perfect way to tackle those impromptu business meals is finally here with this Formal Buttonhole Napkin you can carry with you always. Another Donkey Product’s innovation which will always enable you to look professional when wanted and scarcely scrumptious too.

Drawing its inspiration from one of the most terrifying Arachnids, the Parrot Rolling Spider is your own smartphone controlled drone with exquisite features and functionalities. Having a 360px mini-camera onboard, this drone can take some of the coolest shots from mid-air or even from the ground depending on what you prefer. The removable wheels will help it to cruise along the floor, walls or even the ceiling if required.

The golden music era from the 80s comes back to your house with this elegantly craftedCassette Doormat. Especially for those who have a special flair for vintage music, this doormat is a must-have not only because of the cassette design but also because it’s highly durable. That is due to the usage of coir with PVC backing which gives the mat an additional durability than standard ones.

Having an incredible method of increasing the oxygen content in water, the Multi-Tier Pet Fountain is the ideal device to have for your pets to drink healthily. At a time, it provides upto 100 oz.of fresh, filtered water for both your cats and dogs thus making their drinking hours more satisfying to the needs. The concept comprises a free-falling stream of water that draws oxygen to maximize aeration.

He normally lives inside a pineapple under the sea but is now probably on a vacation by being on this Sprayground X Spongebob Sharkpants Backpack. The backpack has been designed entirely on this renowned cartoon character which is truly a favorite for those who have special liking for Spongebob.

Reimagine your bulky fitness tracker with this sleek and stylish wristband from LG called the Lifeband Touch. By featuring an OLED touchscreen, this wristband can not only track your fitness data to perfection post workouts but also shows you your real-time heart rate, who’s calling, and your music. It can easily fit your wrist and provide acceleration in the forward, backward or the side-by-side mode.

Give your guests a royal serve of ice-cream next time you throw a party by using this unusually designed Ice Queen Scoop. Having drawn its inspiration from the Queen herself, this scoop can truly bring humor on the party table without a doubt. It’s got a soft section which helps in pushing out the ice-cream, thus providing you with big and sumptuous scoops each time you go for a serve.

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