Top 10 gadgets to look out for

A world of Endless Entertainment! Top 10 gadgets to look out for!

Our life is surrounded by technology, from our phones to our laptops to our entertainment quotient, we all live in an era where we just can’t do without gadgets. They are a major and a very efficient part of our daily chores. The increasing number of gadgets, electronic gadgets specifically being launched by a number of brands, it is a bit confusing of which one to buy under various categories like Smartphones, laptops, cameras, gaming consoles are more. The growing popularity of online shopping in India endows you with an option of comparing your favorite products and choosing the right ones. But if you still get stuck, here is a list of gadgets that you can always look out for when shopping for gadgets.

1) Apple iPhone 5s

The latest and the best technology around town right now! The much awaited piece of technological advancement is finally out making its way to glory. Yes, this one gadget under the Smartphone category should be in the top 10 gadgets we should look out for. Possessing a fresh stream of innovation, this gadget has shown an A7 chip set processor with a new fangled iOS7 operating system. The all new touch sensor has created an aura of splendid novelty. It is just a Wow gadget!

Apple Iphone 5s

2) Apple MacBook Air

Under the category of laptops, the Apple MacBook Air is beyond comparison. Following under the must have gadgets, this compact laptop packs Ivy Bridge processors with a speed of up to 2.0GHz, coupled with 8GB of RAM, and USB 3.0 for faster-than-ever connectivity.

 Apple MacBook Air

3) Sony Xperia Z Tablet

Offering a swerve of features, Sony Xperia Z is a tablet which is a must have gadget in your collection. If you are looking out to buy a tablet, this one is an impressive and highly efficient option. This tablet by Sony possesses a fantastic sexy build and design and an interface which is preloaded with some amazing features. It has a good battery backup, a waterproof body and acts as a universal remote.

Sony Xperia Z Tablet

4) Google Glass

This greatly estimated piece of technology permits its users to have a hands-free experience of technology. These lightweight glasses use your voice commands to take pictures, record videos, send messages and translate your speech. They can even connect to Google and internet and let you indulge in a Smartphone experience.

5) The efficient E-Reader- Kindle Paper white

The Kindle Paper white is taken a fundamental step towards the advancing technology for e-readers. Considering the overall performance and user-friendliness, with the quality of display, the Paper white is certainly one of the best e-readers available in the market. It is compact, thin, has a sharper screen with a better contrast, and better lighting. So, if you are a ravenous reader and wish to own an enthusiastic e-book reader, then the Paperwhite is the best e-reader you can buy.

 Kindle Paper White

6) Smartphone Camera- Nokia 1020

The Nokia 1020 embodies something literally extraordinary with the virtually unblemished melding of a Smartphone and a camera. Nokia Lumia 1020 flaunts its fresh technology with a high resolution 41 megapixel camera rear camera with LED and Xenon flash. This is one latest and most vibrant technology of the present.

Nokia 1020

7) Xbox 360 Gaming console

The gaming console for the new generation, Xbox 360 gaming console should be a definite part of your gadget collection if you’re a game freak. The Xbox 360 is compact, sleek, smart looking, has more ports, runs with less noise and has a price tag under the mid priced gadget range. It has a 250GB hard drive and built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi.

Xbox 360

8) Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100

The Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 merges the functions of an Android device and a fanatical camera quite well, enabling you to share your photos and videos to the internet or social platforms instantly. Bundled with a 21x optical zoom lens you can capture shots at even from a long distance and at 23 mm focal length, it’s a boon when you wish to capture a huge group. Overall, a wonderful device!

Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100

9) Nikon Coolpix S4400 Camera

Nikon Coolpix S4400 Camera is an exceptional 6x optical-zoom camera with Nikkor glass lens and a 20.1 Mega Pixel image sensor with a built-in Wi-Fi for the capturing memories and treasuring them for eternity. This gadget is compact, elegant, with big zoom and an option of instant sharing.

Nikon Coolpix S4400 Camera

10) Samsung Galaxy S IV

Samsung Galaxy S4 is a stylish, lighter device with a potent grouping of long-lasting battery, 8 core processors, enthralling features, high-resolution camera and a huge storage capacity. It is the best Android Smartphone available in the market and will never disappoint you with its functionality or design.

Samsung Galaxy S IV

About author: Piya Gogia takes interest in latest gadget updates and loves to explore gizmos. Being an instinctive gadget nerd, she has already reviewed online shopping in India, Tablets, Laptops and many other popular devices. The more she discovers, the more she writes.

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