Top 10 List Of The Best World War 2 Films

Schindlers List

Here is a treat for War History Online film buffs ― Top 10 World War II movies. Now, which is the best WWII movie is always a matter of fiery discussion, but this list sums it up neatly. WWII is probably the most utilized war in the film industry ever and the competition is truly splendid. Even the so-called Honorable Mentions on this list deserve all the attention as their official counterparts

WWII films act as a reflection on war, honor, patriotism, but also madness, loss, regret, and vengeance. Since it was the biggest conflict in modern history served as the biggest inspiration pool for filmmakers, our perception of the war as viewers are often influenced by these depictions. Check out the video below which compiles some of the best WWII movies ever made.

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