Top 10 Male Super Heroes

They patrol the streets and skies, keeping us safe, fighting evil and making huge box-office takings. They are superheroes, with their brightly-colored costumes, special powers, and deadly enemies. And their adventures aren’t just for kids anymore, with critically-acclaimed writers getting in on the act. Let’s take a look at some of the legendary superheroes of all time.

10. Silver surfer

Silver surfer

As the former herald of the world-devourer Galactus, Norrin Radd possesses the “power cosmic,” an energy source capable of almost any feat imaginable, making him one of the most powerful beings in the cosmos. The Surfer is the fringe character that separates humanity from the omnipotence of Galactus or Eternity. His power cosmic is so powerful that it’s not a matter of what the Surfer can do, it’s what he can’t. Matter-manipulation, the power reserves of stars, traveling at lightspeed … he may even be able to create life. He is  truly in a power class of his own.

 9. Hulk

Mark Ruffalo Signed on as HULK for 6 Movies!

Caught in the heart of a gamma bomb explosion, genius scientist Dr. Robert Bruce Banner finds himself transformed into a 7-foot, one-ton green behemoth with near-unlimited strength, rapid tissue-regenerative powers and nigh-inexhaustible stamina. When Banner is the Hulk, Banner’s consciousness is buried within the Hulk’s and can influence the Hulk’s behavior only to a very limited extent. Hulk’s capacity for physical strength is potentially limitless due to the fact that the Hulk’s strength increases proportionally with his level of great emotional stress, anger in particular.

8. Wolverine

Electrified Wolverine Claws

Wolverine is the ultimate anti-hero. He emerged at the end of the Vietnam War in 1974, and displayed a tough, anti-authority attitude. He’s the best at what he does, but what he does isn’t very nice. Wolverine is visceral, he is virile, and he could care less what you think. He relies on his animal instincts to get him out of trouble. If he can’t get out of trouble (or if he doesn’t feel like getting out of it), his adamantium claws tear through nearly anything and his wounds heal faster than he can get cut. He was originally conceived of by Len Wein, John Romita, Sr. and Herb Trimpe.


Thor: The Dark World character posters

The Mighty Thor, the hammer-wielding, flying thunder god, is based on the actual Norse god of thunder, also named Thor. He is the son of Odin, king of Asgard, and Gaea, the earth goddess. His father placed him on earth in the crippled human body of Donald Blake to teach him humility. Thor fights in multiple dimensions, dispatching foes with his strength, lightning bolts and the mighty Mjolnir, his Dwarven forged hammer.

6. Green Lantern


Green Lantern is actually the name of multiple superheroes from the DC Universe, all of whom are characterized by a power ring and the ability to construct solid constructs with the ring. Each Green Lantern possesses a power ring and power lantern that gives the user great control over the physical world as long as the wielder has sufficient willpower and strength to wield it. The ring is one of the most powerful weapons in the universe and can be very dangerous. So as long as there is a will, there cna be a strong and powerfull way!

5. Cyclops


The reluctant leader of the X-Men Scott Summers has been fighting for the peaceful coexistence of mutants and humans most of his life. Cyclops has been deputy leader of the X-Men since his teen years and has seen the team go through a myriad of changes.  He actually possesses the mutant ability to project a beam of heatless ruby-colored concussive force from his eyes, which act as inter-dimensional apertures between this universe and another. Cyclops’ body also constantly absorbs ambient energy, such as sunlight, from his environment into his body’s cells that allows him to open the apertures.

4. Flash


Wally West taps into the Speed Force, a universal force that gives him the ability to run, think and react at near-lightspeed. It’s next to impossible to react to this guy’s attack. You’re not going to see him coming, and by the time you realize he’s there, he’s already hit you a hundred times over.

 3. Spiderman

iphone hd wallpapers

He does whatever a spider can! The amazing Spiderman can climb sheer surfaces, he is super strong and agile, and he can shoot webs out of devices on his wrists. Spidey was the first teenage superhero, which means he had to deal with girl trouble and acne on top of the already stressful job of crime-fighting.  What makes Spiderman unique is that underneath it all, he is a nerdy high school student with everyday problems. His life is a superhero soap opera.

2. Superman

Kotobukiya's original Superman figure

Rocketed from the exploding planet Krypton, Clark Kent grew to adulthood on Earth to learn that this planet’s yellow sun and weaker gravity gave him near-invulnerability strength, speed, stamina, hearing, etc. Calling himself Superman, he now fights the never-ending battle for truth and justice!

1. Batman

Batman: Arkham Knight

The Caped Crusader. The Dark Knight. Batman. Gotham City’s only hope leaps acorss rooftops and slips through alleys while patrolling the streets at night, cloaked in shadows. What sets Batman apart from other superheroes is his lack of supernatural powers. The only thing he has to rely on is his steadfast determination (and his immense wealth, of course).

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