Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2012

[box] With 2012 setting the stage anew, you can expect a lot of new things coming your way, including movies that will satisfy your craving for fresh concepts, pure action, moving stories, mind-blowing plots, and even spine-tingling horror. They say that anticipated movie lists for 2012 created in 2011 changes a lot when the actual year sets in. So what are you waiting for? Check out this top 10 list of the most anticipated movies of 2012[/box]

10. The Dictator

If you have a thing to comedy movies, then you have surely seen the antics of Sascha Baron Cohen when he portrayed Borat many years ago. This year, he is set to make people laugh all over again, this time, as a dictator that risks his life to ensure that democracy will never come to the country that he loves to oppress. Quite interesting…

9. Prometheus

Prometheus will get you all excited knowing that this movie has been created by the director that made Aliens and Blade Runner come into the big screen. This will make you even more curious knowing that this is the prequel of the Aliens movies, you know, where Sigourney Weaver kicked alien butt. Just imagine that explorers are searching for the beginning of humanity, only to meet its end.

8. The Great Gatsby

Having this movie shown this year is perfect with enforcing one of the best fashion trends and themes for 2012. The Great Gatsby is expected to be great as it will star Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio, even created by director of Moulin Rouge, Baz Luhrmann.

7. The Bourne Legacy

Even though Matt Damon no longer appears in this said movie, The Bourne Legacy still continues its tradition of providing great action, after the events in The Bourne Ultimatum. Another thing that could make the movie attractive is the fact that some scenes here have been shot in The Philippines, which is a rare shooting venue.

6. The Dark Knight Rises

When talking about Batman, no one would refuse of seeing its new movies all over again. The Dark Knight Rises is created to be the conclusion of The Dark Knight Saga, where it completes the return of Batman to Gotham City, being overrun with gangs and other villains. This movie also introduces the hero meeting Selina Kyle or Catwoman, and Bane.

5. Skyfall

Another James Bond film is set to be on cinemas in November, and fans just cannot get enough of this kind of movie where it combines action, romance, and some neat gadgets and cars that make you want to dream. This is the 23rd film in the series, and it would be Daniel Craig’s third appearance as the master secret agent.

4. The Hunger Games

Another one of the successful epic novels that begs to be adapted in movies is The Hunger Games. It is a story set on a post-apocalyptic scene, where The Capitol holds an annual game that invites 2 players from its surrounding 12 districts: a boy and a girl, ages 12 to 18. Even though the book has been published September 14, 2008, it is still attracting readers everywhere, expecting the movie to be a blockbuster.

3. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

It has been a while since we have last seen Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, which gave new meaning to the existence of a ring that would dictate the destiny of a world. The Hobbit will make you relive that feeling again as you see familiar characters like Legolas, Frodo, Gandalf, Thorin, and even Gollum. This will be a two part movie that will make you see Middle-Earth, which is a nostalgic sight for movie fans.

2. The Avengers

We have seen Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America, and Thor have its own movies, where each has blown away every comic book fan. It created the impression that fiction can be so real. With the upcoming Avengers movie, you can see all these characters, including Nick Fury, Hawkeye, and Black Widow, all in one exciting display of comic book action and special effects.

1. The Amazing Spider Man

[box] When we saw the first Spiderman movie, there was little information about his past, except for being bitten by a super spider that gave him powers. However, in this upcoming movie, you will behold an even more detailed past of this world renowned, web slinging superhero.[/box]



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