Top 10 Most Popular Games That Players Seek Boosting Services For

Top 10 Most Popular Games That Players Seek Boosting Services For

When you find a new online game, the best content is sometimes locked behind progression. Grinding is part of the fun, but there comes the point where you want to get to the good stuff. These are some of the most interesting games in the world that kept their fun factor thanks to a little bit of boosting.


1. Grand Theft Auto V

You can’t go a single day without seeing an article about the GTA franchise. Although Rockstar has been great at setting up online events to earn triple the money, it still pales compared to the speed of using a boosting service. As one of the most social games in history, players would rather spend their time hanging out with friends than driving a delivery truck full of contraband.

Destiny 2

2. Destiny 2

Bungie has gone all in on the Destiny 2 updates, and it is both a good and bad thing for players. Seasoned vets have already run through the new content and made the most of their fun. But new players are put in a position so bad that it is comparable to starting WoW for the first time in 2023. Destiny 2 is excellent, but it is also filled with much filler content. New players can use a boosting service to get to the most important parts of the game in the fastest time possible. KBoosting in the game has become mandatory due to time-consuming farming. Without a boosting service, you’ll spend hundreds of hours trying to farm an ultimate god roll weapon.


3. Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a popular online FPS that requires a high skill ceiling to compete. It’s a frustrating experience when you have to deal with the stingy rank-up system constantly. Veterans of the game are pretty open about using a boosting service to deal with the growing pains of starting a secondary character. So, if the vets are on board with some help, other players shouldn’t be shy about jumping on the train.

World of Warcraft

4. World of Warcraft

Word of Warcraft is still the most recognizable MMORPG in the world. Its sales have eclipsed everything that’s come after it for a good reason. It was released in 2004 and has continued to pump out an incredible number of updates. These updates included quality-of-life improvements for new and old players, but the company can only do so much. You’d have to have an infinite amount of time to do a moderate bit of grinding in WoW. That means before booting it up, it is best to have a boosting service ready to go.

League of Legends

5. League of Legends

The battle arena space in video games has led to many great Esports battles. League is at the top and one of the most televised in the world. For professionals, grinding is a part of the job. Extreme grinding gets in the way of the fun for casual players that want to have fun. Players will be stuck trying to ‘get good’ with a single champion without a boosting service. You have the most fun in League with variety, so don’t limit yourself to a single playstyle.

counter strike

6. Counter-Strike GO

Like COD, Counter-Strike GO requires a high skill ceiling. The ranking starts fine initially but gets absurd the closer you get to rank Master Guardian. When you’re a seasoned player that doesn’t want to beast his way back to Master Guardian, boosting becomes the most viable option. It’s a challenge to get to the Global Elite rank, but it’s also unfair when you are bumped out of it after a few unlucky matches.

Overwatch 2

7. Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is the sequel (and replacement) that everyone has been waiting for. Blizzard went ham on the features and, in many cases, made it harder for players to win games. Even vets have had issues getting wins, as Overwatch 2 can’t be approached in the same way as the original. If they use boosting services, rank, wins, achievements and seasonal events are no longer out of reach for casual players. The time saved can then be spent having actual fun in the game!



FIFA is the real deal in sports, and everybody knows about the grinding aspect of every single feature. Ultimate Team alone has made it necessary to seek out boosting services for the most basic of objectives. As fun as FIFA is each season, it will only get better when you can concentrate on the things that matter the most. Lessen the grinding from Ultimate Team, and it will open up a brand-new way to play the game.

Mandalorian and Baby Yoda in Fortnite

9. Fortnite

Fortnite is guaranteed fun for all ages. It is still the trendy online game that streamers flock to, and it still keeps pumping out one incredible update after another. With the grind of the build mode becoming optional, players have now turned their gaze to the cosmetic items. Those sweet cosmetic items are locked behind the most grindy XP system ever created. Even GTA could take notes on the extreme grind of the Fortnite and push on purchasing V-Bucks. Those that ‘know’ have already maxed out their XP with the help of a boosting service, and are now rocking more outfits and hats than Team Fortress 2 players.

Dota 2

10. Dota 2

After 13 years from the original release, Dota 2 emerged as a direct competitor to League. Valve went head first into this matchup and easily claimed its spot on the Esports Mount Rushmore. But players that discovered Dota 2 late were left in a grinding loop. Likewise, players that wanted to move over from League to Dota 2 had to start from nothing. It didn’t take long for boosting to become the norm so that players could finally enjoy one of the best strategy games of all time.

More To Come

This is only a small list of games being played by billions globally. Online games are in their prime, so playing multiple franchises requires boosting to save time. Whenever you find the next best thing in gaming, remember that there is always a service to keep it at peak level.

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