Top 10 Must-See Movies for College Students

Being a college student can be tough. There are elements of college life that make a great motion picture movie. Having fun watching your favorite movie is something many will remember while in college.  When you have a busy schedule getting assignments completed, using something such as paper editing services can help lessen the stress that comes with doing school assignments. If you love getting together with friends or come alone time featuring a good movie, you may find a few titles on the following list interesting.

With so many options to consider for movies, you wonder which are worth watching.  You’ll find an assortment of movie reviews and ratings for different movies online, but it can be a challenge to narrow down the best few.  The next time you’re in the mood for a good movie think about your favorite genres, actors, and actresses to inspire potential ideas. New movie releases are great to look forward but there are a few options considered great classics that are timeless.  The following list of ten films gives an idea of what kinds of movies college students enjoyed and what they recommend to others according to Thesis Rush’s recent research.

Higher Learning

1. Higher Learning

The 1995 film takes a look at personal stories by people dealing with different situations from drama, rape, and racial tensions while exploring the true meaning of a college education. The movie shares viewpoints, feelings, and emotions from different kinds of people. You get a glimpse of what it’s like to deal with a dilemma or form of conflict while trying to stay focused on reaching an academic goal.

Good Will Hunting

2. Good Will Hunting

The 1997 film, with one of the star characters played by the late Robin Williams, was one of the best during its year of release according to critics. The Oscar-winning film features a storyline with a gifted math whiz who works as a janitor. He is led by a psychologist who helps him find his way toward a true path in his life.


3. The Social Network

The 2010 Oscar-winning film is the story behind the founder of Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg) who created the social network as a college student at Harvard.  Conflict swirls as Mark is accused of stealing the idea for the social network and faces legal battles as he moves forward to launch the project. Many term papers have been studied and written exploring similar concepts. Fans of the social media network learn from a different perspective of how the platform was created.

Dead Poets Society

4. Dead Poets Society

An English teacher, played by Robin Williams, begins teaching at an all-boys preparatory academy.  The school is known for having high standards for students. The English teacher uses out of the ordinary teaching methods to encourage students to open up and break from hiding.


5. Drumline

The 2002 film features a street drummer from Harlem who finds himself facing a serious challenge after enrolling in a Southern university. The film is a comedy featuring high stakes and high energy featuring marching band competition.  The drummer realizes his talent won’t be enough if he wants to come out on top.

 Legally Blonde

6. Legally Blonde

The 2001 film features a blonde girl following her boyfriend to Harvard University after he dumps her.  While trying to get her boyfriend back she surprises herself and others with her intelligence. Later, she finds out how to take advantage of it for legal purposes.


7. Rudy

The 1993 film is a story of inspiration and triumph. The story is based on Daniel Ruettiger aka Rudy, who is considered an underdog on the college football team.  He later becomes a hero while getting a unique opportunity to play football for Notre Dame after putting in hard work and determination through practice. The film’s storyline makes many believe that anything is possible, which is why it is a great classic people still enjoy today.

The Skulls

8. The Skulls

Have you ever wanted to get into a prestigious club and learn what it’s like to enjoy the perks yourself? The film “Skulls” follows the story of a college student being invited to join an exclusive college organization.  It was thought to be a dream coming true until he realizes the success and power that came with the opportunity comes with high stakes.


9. Accepted

Some people may not have a clue what to do next after being rejected multiple times, except for this kid. The 2006 film “Accepted” is the story of a high school student that gets rejected from every college he applied to. He then decides to start his own college.  Other students in the same situation of being rejected from other colleges apply to his school which later turns into a huge legal mess.

Kicking and Screaming

10. Kicking and Screaming

There is much focus on finishing college and getting a degree that many may not have a plan for what to do immediately after graduation.  The 1995 film “Kicking and Screaming” explores the actions of a group of college students who finished college and graduated.  The film, with a witty and artistic feel, shares thoughts and concepts most common to students after they’ve finished college, including the struggle of finding their path toward the life they want to live.

While getting school work done on your own can be a drag without help from a skilled source a good movie and friends can be just what you need after completing your assignments.  Nowadays you can enjoy a movie from any mobile device or streaming service.  The previous films are just a few ideas great for college students that want to enjoy something inspired by college life with a twist.  Many students enjoy such movies because they make light of college living making it a little easier to get things done.  These and other movies are great virtual getaways when you want to step away from the hustles and pressures of reality, even if it’s just for an hour or two.


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