Top 10 Smart Phones Accessories

Smart phones are incomplete without its accessories. Accessories play a great role for the smart phones. These accessories tools make our life easy. Many smart phones accessories are beneficial for our day to day life. Smartphone accessories are such as power bank, selfie stick, USB OTG, head phone splitter and so many more. Without these accessories tools our smart phones becomes incomplete.

Top 10 smart phone accessories are below:

Power Bank

  1. Power Bank: Power bank device can be saver of your smart phone when you are travelling and your smart phone’s battery is out of run. This device recharge the battery of your device and makes your phone long lasting run. Whether it is android or I phone it works perfectly for both smart phones. In short it is a boon for your smart phone. Many mobiles companies offers power bank. It starts from 5000 mAh to 20000 mAh.

Selfie stick

  1. Selfie stick: Now a days, new smart phone are coming with best pixels camera. The trend of capturing photo is it to its peak. For the photos lover a very comfortable accessories and handy tool has made that is selfie stick. Selfie stick used to capture photos with the help of front camera. Just put your phone into the selfie stick and insert the pin in 3.5 mm jack and capture the unforgettable moments. This affordable accessory can purchase easily from the market which is less than 200 Rs. Tata Cliq coupons is one of the best way to save some money.


  1. USB OTG: USB OTG, a new accessory tool for your smart phone. If your phone supports this tool then you should buy this surely. USB OTG connects the pen drive to your device, so that you can easily transfer the data from smart phone to OTG or OTG to smart phone. You do not have to use computer or laptop for sharing data when you have these incredible tools. Put the OTG and play in your smart phone.

 Bluetooth Headset

  1. Bluetooth Headset: Whether to listens music or answering call, this device never goes out of trend. You can easily and comfortable put this device in your ear and enjoys the world of music. If answering the call just one clicks and answers the call instantly. For this you do not have to use phone or pick the phone.

External zoom lens

  1. External zoom lens: A new outstanding tools for the photos lovers. External zoom lens works as a zooming while capturing the moment. A clip that connects with smart phones and zoom the lens. A worthwhile accessory for your device. With the help of this tool you can capture the photos at HD quality. You can easily capture the photos which are far from your place using this device.

Arm band

  1. Arm band: No time to carry smart phone! No problem. Just put your smart phone in arm band. A nice and beautiful accessory for swimmer, joggers or other sports people. This arm band completely protects your phone if you band it in your arm. The arm bands can be easily used with all the smart phones using an application and you can also see the heart rate and the pulse rate in these arm bands.

Bluetooth Speaker

  1. Bluetooth Speaker: Music lover surely loves this gadget. Whether you are in your room or travelling, this device never goes out of fashion. Connect your smart phone with the device and listen your favorite tune. Bluetooth speaker can easily available on retailer shop or you can buy it through online shopping.

Mobile phone holder

  1. Mobile phone holder: Mobile free holder is a free- hand experience. Drive a car or cycle; hold your phone by gripping it at the window place or desk place. You can use it at the kitchen during working.

 Smart Watch

  1. Smart Watch: Smart watch a useful tool for the one who can watch easily videos, listens to songs by putting the smart watch on wrist. Along this you can use calculator, Bluetooth, watch time and many more.

 External Flash

  1. External Flash: External flash, a best tool for your smart phone which flashes during capturing the photos. Insert this tool into your 3.5 mm jack and capture the photos. This tool used while at low light or at night. It can be easily buy from the mobile shop or you can buy this from online shopping.

The all accessories can be used easily with the smart phones and you can easily get all these accessories from the market or from the online stores. You can find the various options in these products because many companies have launched the various accessories with the smart phones. You can look for the items according to your requirements and you can easily choose the best accessories from the online websites. There are many more accessories are available in the market and the companies are launching the new technology daily to make the mobile use more effective and efficient for the users.


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