Top 10 Trendiest Superhero Halloween Costume For 2016


As people expect more and better than the last, Halloween costumes selection becomes tight. Nobody wants to wear a suit that everyone else is going to wear since it is very popular or it is very easy to put on.  At times, it does pay off as a last resort look but what happens when you finally get tired of it? It is time for something fresh, something latest, something trendy and that is why the best option is to be inspired by characters from television shows and movies. The most recent trend that has swept the world is the display of various superheroes in these two platforms. Here are the DIY guides of the costumes of the superheroes that will or already have made their appearance in 2016.

Just Have To Spend $239 To Become The Queen Of Joker

All focus will be on Margot Robbie because she will be portraying one of the iconic villains of DC Comics, Harley Quinn. She will don a unique Harley Quinn costume that has amazed the world and is huge favorite. You will need the Harley Quinn Wig from SpiritHalloween, Harley Quinn T-shirt from Wish, Metal 3 Row Gold Studs Pyramid Belt from Wanelo, Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Jacket from Celebsclothing, Harley Quinn Cosplay Booty Shorts from ArtFire, and the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Cosplay Boots from Cosall.

Spend $400 To Become The Punisher

For Jon Bernthal’s appearance in The Punisher costume from the Daredevil series, you will need the Punisher Biker Leather Coat from Fjackets, the Thomas Jane Punisher Tactical Black Leather Vest from EBay, Gravel Gear 7-Pocket Tactical Pants with Teflon in black from Northerntool, and the GI Type Combat Boot 9” from Patriotsurplus. Moreover, for the weapon you can get the M4 Carbine Assault Rifle Display Model from Bonanza.

Hawkeye From Civil War Under $120

Jeremy Renner was spotted donning a brand new convenient Hawkeye costume in Captain America: Civil War. If you too want to get the suit from the blockbuster film then order the Clint Barton Hawkeye Cosplay Costume from buy costumes, the Muzzy Addict Bowfishing Bow from Marvel Shop, and the Upshaw Work Boot from Heroes Time.

Get the look of Iron Man in just $75

Robert Downey Jr. showed us plenty of Iron Man costumes in the films he appeared in and this armor from Captain America: Civil War is probably the best one. The Iron Man Deluxe Civil War Adult Halloween Costume from SpiritHalloween and Captain America Civil War Iron Man Gloves from CostumeDiscounters.

You + $424 = Scarlet Witch

Elizabeth Olsen does not don the Scarlet Witch costume from Marvel’s comics, unfortunately. To replicate the look, you have to order the Civil War Scarlet Witch Coat from Fjackets, Red and Black PU Leather Punk Lolita Boned Bustier Corset from MiniInTheBox, Red Fingerless Leather Gloves from EBay, Leather Pants in black from leather cult, and the Savin Hill Double Buckle Ankle Boot from 6Pm. To complete the look, the Scarlet Witch Necklace Set from Etsy is vital.

Roy Harper Arsenal Costume Will Cost You $550

Whether you call him Arsenal or Red Arrow or Speedy, it does not matter. All you need to know is that in order to look like Colton Haynes’ character in the show, you will need the Arsenal Red Arrow Mask from EBay, Arrow Arsenal Red Jacket from Celebsclothing, Hot Buckle Gothic Motorcycle Mens PU leather Skinny Trousers from EBay, D-3A Military Leather Gloves from MilitaryClothing, and the Tactical WPN Zip from Amazon. The weaponry can be availed from PSE 2015 Optima from Newegg and Red Arrow Quiver and Arrows from Etsy.

Spend $200 To Become The Sidekick Of Captain America

Sebastian Stan’s Winter Soldier was finally free from the brainwashing that led him to do drastic things. Not only did he start a new life but he got a new look as well in Captain America: Civil War. You will need the Bucky Barnes Wigs Brown from EBay, Civil War Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes Leather Jacket from AmericanLeatherJacket, Black Tactical Cycling Bicycle Half Finger Sports Men Gloves from LightInTheBox, Pouch Security Guard Police Utility Kit Holster Belt from DHGate, Cotton Ripstop BDU Pants from Tacticalgear, and the Magnum Response BLK Boots from Rakuten for the perfect look.

Just $296 To Cosplay Batman From Dawn of Justice

Ben Affleck is the new actor to play the famous character in the upcoming DC Comics film. Although he had a new Batman costume in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, he essentially wore two. The Batman Dawn of Justice Costume from EBay can be worn to cosplay the hero without super powers but have the strength to save his Gotham.

If You’re a Wonder Woman Fan Then Spend $286

Gal Gadot proved the world wrong when she took away the spotlight from Batman and Superman in Dawn of Justice when she acted as Wonder Woman. Wear her outfit from that and the upcoming solo film and do the same. You will need the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Cosplay from Cosplaysky, Wonder Woman Shield from Partycity, Golden Rope from Halloweencostumes, BvS Wonder Woman Adult Sword from Purecostumes, and the Wonder Woman Cosplay Shoes fromn Dhgate.

Merc With A Mouth In Just $392

The hilarious hero of Marvel made his official debut this year at a time where guys would be proposing girls. The Rated-R character, known as Deadpool, is someone everyone wants to be and here is how. The items you need are the Custom Made Marvel Deadpool Mask from Ecrater, Men Deadpool Leather Jacket from Amazon, Red Leather Jeans from whitesheepleather, Men’s Deadpool Cosplay Belt from Chickadeesolutions, Belt and Holster Set from Costumes4less, IMI Desert Eagle XIX Deadpool gun from Amazon again and Black Floral Lined Combat Boot from Hottopic.

Emm! Interesting cosplays. I will definitely doing Harley Quinn. Which character are you going to be this year?

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