Top 10 Walter White WTF Moments

Walter White

Walter White started out on a seemingly level moral keel, we are continuously shocked and thrilled by his disturbing choices. Just when it feels like Walt has gone past the point of no return, we see him sink to a new level of evil. Let’s recap his descent into evil.

1. Brock’s Hospitalization
Walt poisons Jesse’s girlfriend’s son, Brock, as a means of regaining emotional control over Jesse, who was being initiated into the fold by Gus and Mike. He then convinces Jesse that Gus poisoned Brock. Risking an innocent child’s death isn’t even taboo to Walter anymore.

2. Dead Body Disposal
Walt’s determination to leave no traces behind a murder leads to a visceral and disturbing choice for him and Jesse. And had us all thinking, “This show is insanely brutal!”

3. Gale’s Murder
As Walt’s lab partner, Gale Boetticher couldn’t have been a more loyal or idiosyncratic sidekick. Making Jesse kill him in a power play against Gus was as bad as killing a good dog for no good reason.

4. Hit and Run
Walt goes against Gus’ wishes and runs over two drug dealers that were using children to move product, and who were about to kill Jesse. Now Walt has to deal with betraying a major drug lord. Though this kill was sort of redeeming, it was really a stupid career move.

5. Jane’s Overdose
Walt is faced with the choice of letting Jesse’s girlfriend, Jane, die in her sleep or saving her life. Knowing he has lost all influence over Jesse, Walt stands by to watch Jane choke in her sleep…breaking Jesse’s heart forever.

6. Killing Krazy-8
Even though the drug trade is an ugly business, it doesn’t make it any easier for us to watch Walter commit his first homicide, and take his first murderous step down a criminal path.

7. Prison Killing Spree
Putting the hit out on ten prisoners in a coordinated killing spree, spread throughout three prisons at the same time is no rookie task. Walt—as Heisenberg—seals his fate as cold-blooded drug lord, following in the murderous footsteps of Gus Fring.

8. Storming Tuco’s Base
Walking into a drug dealer’s headquarters with explosive mercury in your pocket, threatening to kill everybody including yourself, is not the way to get on anybody’s good side in the narcotics underworld.

9. Tio’s Suicide
Convincing a mute, wheelchair bound, stroke survivor gangster to use himself as a sacrificial pawn and human bomb in Walt’s death match with Gus Fring is the clearest sign of Walt’s sociopathic behavior. Everyone is expendable to him.

10. Walter Jr.’s Website
Letting Walter Jr. believe that donations from a website he built are paying for Walt’s cancer treatment, when in reality it’s dirty money being laundered by Saul Goodman, is a pretty depressing abuse of your son’s love and good intentions.

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