Top 10 Weirdest Hotels Around The World

Tired of the hectic routine, monotonous environment, and busy schedule? Everyone who agrees on needs a break; a relaxing break, soothing and serene, where one can just forget about the usual tiresome work and enjoy life as it is, without worries and stress. People who want this often go to relaxing natural places and stay in hotels and motels depending upon their taste and budget. To make this experience “once in a lifetime”, many creative individuals have created such hotels that present an aura like no other. Following is the list 0f 10 such “one of a kind” hotels from all over the world. Check them out and get amused!

10. Dog Bark Park Inn

Located in Cottonwood, Idaho, this hotel is in the shape of a dog! A place made for dog lovers, everything about it will remind of a canine, from the architecture to the décor. The motel belongs to two chainsaw artists who gathered their fortune to start such a motel by selling wooden carving on QVC, again shaped like dogs. Visit this motel and enter it through the dogs but- it’s a wooden staircase, nothing to worry about, and enjoy!

9. Safari Land Farm and Guest House

Want to revisit your childhood when you wanted a treehouse of your own in your backyard and roam around like Mowgli in the Jungle Book? This is the place to go to. Situated in Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, India, this tourist spot offers you a stay up in the trees, literally. Right in the middle of the wildlife sanctuary, you can experience nature as close as it gets, rooted up in trees with the rich biodiversity of monkeys, birds, and elephants, etc, it’s a roller coaster of a stay far from home, right in the center of nature.

8. Capsule Hotels

Located in Den Haag, Netherlands, these weird accommodations give you the experience of being encapsulated in the smallest places ever. Made from oil rig survival pods, these extra small hotels make you think about life on another planet as they present the experience of being in a UFO. Having chemical toilets, mini-libraries, snacks, DVD players, sleeping cushions, and interiors were done by numerous designers, this seems one hell of an unusual experience.

7. Drain Pipe Hotel

Who could have thought of sleeping in a drain pipe used to transfer wastewater? But here we have it, crazy Austrians in Linz, have converted such a disgusting thing into a luxury of a kind! The pipes are fully renovated luxury suites built of heavyweight concrete. Just be careful about rolling over in the middle of the night!

6. Alcatraz Hotel

Infested by the thrill of Prison Break, this is the place for those who want to see the prison without a criminal record! Germany’s first prison hotel, every room is fully equipped with telephones, flat-screen cable TVs, comfortable bathrooms, etc. Divided into Cell rooms, Comfort rooms, and suites depending upon the facilities available; the cell rooms all have a toilet and a sink just like a jail, and for these rooms, there are separated men and women community showers located at the end of each floor.

5. Jumbo Stay

Book an overnight stay in Jumbo Stay which in reality is an actual airplane, set in its natural environment near-real aircraft preparing for take-off, on an airport in Sweden. It is a remodeled 747-200 Jumbo Jet, with a view over the runway and with just a short walk to check-in at Arlanda. Having a private chamber for passengers to sleep in, luxury class roomers can also sleep in the cockpit.

4. Osaka Capsule Inn

Japan is known for its limited space, likewise, such a hotel exists that has small cubes for rooms. It is located in one of Kita’s busiest entertainment districts; it’s properly clean and well maintained, having saunas, Jacuzzis, and optional massage services, typical of Japanese culture. Having interior control panels, you can adjust the temperature according to your liking. Note that it’s men-only, and if you’re taller than 180cm, lying flat might be a problem.

3. Hotel de Glace

Situated in Québec, Canada, this amazing hotel is literally made of ice and reminds you of a large igloo. Having been constructed from layers of thick ice bricks, the interesting thing is that you can find fireplaces in the bedrooms and also heating in the isolated bathrooms. Starting from the walls to the furniture, everything is made of ice and kept under zero degrees Celsius temperatures. If you want a full winter experience, make sure you are readily prepared to beat hypothermia; the hotel is only open from January to March

2. Hobbit Motel

If you want to experience the reality of the Lord of the Rings series by J.R.R. Tolkien, visit the Hobbit motel located not in the Shire but the bucolic hillside of New Zealand where the movie was actually filmed. How ironic! The doors and the windows are all round and the motel rooms are sort of burrowed inside the hills. Similar to the other motels existing at Woodlyn Park, these holes have self-reliant kitchens and own shower-toilet facilities. Each has particularly designed furniture and decor and having been built using polystyrene blocks to given them extra warmth in the winter and cooling effect in summers.

1. Poseidon Undersea Resort

Experiencing the underwater-world is definitely exciting and exuberant. If you are bold enough to walk, talk, and dwell beneath the ocean and become hydrophobic in nature, Poseidon is the perfect place for you. Located on the Fiji Islands, this hotel is made of glass for you to view anything and everything that lives in this part of the ocean. From the lounges to the bedrooms, galleries, and hallways, while sleeping or having tea, the marine life is right there across you separated just by a wall of glass. Want a wedding with the sharks attending? It even has a wedding chapel!

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