Top 10 Whatsapp Spy Hacking Softwares


Whatsapp is great online software that allows people to chat with each other for free. But such software is being hacked for spying on others’ chat history and accounts. There are different applications for spying in WhatsApp android and WhatsApp iPhone separately.


Whatsapp spying helps in keeping an eye on activities of someone’s iPhone and Android phones. If the phone, tablet or laptop is installed with any spyware app, then it is very easy to interrupt the same. Through this hacking apps, history of information from any cell phone can be obtained. These apps have made the job of hacking easier just online through the control panel. Without the knowledge of the person aimed at, the information such as texts, account contacts, smartphone apps, call logs.etc can be known with the help of these tracing apps. Usually, these apps are targeted to know about a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, children or into somebody else’s cell phone. Whatsapp conversations like chats, multimedia messages like images, video, recordings, etc and new contacts shall be through such apps.


Recently, WhatsApp has become the most extensively used app, thus leading to increase in the significance of personal liaison shared. Nowadays, it has become vital to keep an eye on children using cell phones. On downloading this software, the parent or guardian will be able to view all the messages including deleted ones which help to know about the morale of the child even without his/her knowledge. This WhatsApp spy technique which is very easy to handle results in good parenting through supervision in right time.


It is very simple. After going on to the preferred tracking company website, the required plan can be chosen either paid or free from the options available. In case of paid service, the payment is to be made and service login will be received. The WhatsApp spying app needs one-time installation on the targeted phone, tablet or laptop and the existence of such app will never be shown, On installation, all the details can be traced out.

There are various WhatsApp spy apps available in the market with different specifications and advantages in it. Some apps work as WhatsApp spy android and some as WhatsApp spy iPhone and some apps work on both. The following are some top WhatsApp spyware listed on the basis of their ranks

1. Flexispy

It supports OS like Symbian, Android, iPhone, and blackberry. It has a money back guarantee on dissatisfaction for a period of 10 days. Many features needed for a spyware are put proposed in this software, thus resulting in powerful spying with good customer care and various packages for personal and professional use.

2. mSPY

This is a well known WhatsApp spyware website by allowing the access of targeted device. This app supports OS like Android, iOS, Mac OS, and windows. This app also offers a money back guarantee for a period of 10 days. mSpy provides a user-friendly app with multi features and personal and professional packages.

3. SpyBubble

This WhatsApp spyware works on gadgets using Symbian, Android, iOS, Blackberry, and windows mobile. SpyBubble provides high-quality phone tracking features and has added WhatsApp tracking recently which works well. This service of tracking initializes just on the installation of the app. The control panel details of which are provided on purchase of the app disclose all the recorded information. Through this spyware, sensitive information and whole chat history can be collected.

4. TheTruthSpy

This spyware is used on devices working on iOS and Android. Top access to the details traced is available through various best tools offered by Thetruthspy. Some minor bugs had been found in case of LG model mobiles.

5. Highster Mobile, mainly for WhatsApp spy iPhone and iDevices

It works on devices using Android, iPhone/ iPad/ iPod (ios). It has the best solutions for iDevices and tablets. Even though it traces information from all devices, this is famous for WhatsApp spy iPhones. Any kind of mobile spying software can be downloaded only with jailbreaking iDevices. But this is very easy with the use of this WhatsApp spy iPhone software. The main demerit of this app is it misses 10% of the conversation to be traced.

6. iSpyoo

This spyware works on both Android and iOS. This is considered to be the best WhatsApp conversation spy app which delivers the details at once. It has made the cell phone tracing much easier job and top activity information can also be pooled easily by using this app. The big advantage is its synchronization speed which is pretty good and disadvantage may be that it has some compatibility issues on some Android models.

7. Mobi Stealth

This spyware works on devices using Symbian, Android, iPhone, blackberry, and windows. Mobistealth is absolutely a good choice in case of WhatsApp spyware with impressive synchronization time and other useful features. The hacking of each and every detail is provided in a perfect way for the user.

8. MobileSpy, mainly for WhatsApp spy android devices

This app works perfectly as in the case of WhatsApp spying on android. Various spyware tools are combined to form this app. Messages of the employee’s, partner or children can be read with full proof. The remote location can also be checked with the help of this WhatsApp spy android software, based on the call, text, and internet-based data.

9. Copy9

This works on mobile phones running on Symbian, Android, iPhone, blackberry, and windows. Copy9 spyware works best on smartphones and iPhones. As in case of personal and professional spying, this app is very useful. All the multimedia messages and WhatsApp conversations with date, time can be received through this spyware.

10. SpyEra

This works on devices using Symbian, android, blackberry. Although some synchronizing delay was noticed, this app has acceptable functionality. With this app, the relationship status of boyfriend/ girlfriend or spouse can be known. Being vigilant in any relationship is very important in recent times.


Bonus: XNSPY

Xnspy is a well-known WhatsApp spyware app that lets you read the WhatsApp conversation of another person on your own phone. It supports both Android and iOS devices. Along with reading the WhatsApp messages, Xnspy also allows you to view the multimedia content i.e. images, videos, audios and even documents exchanged through WhatsApp. The best thing about using Xnspy to hack someone’s WhatsApp account is it creates a backup of the chat history making sure nothing goes unnoticed. No rooting or jailbreaking is required to use Xnspy for hacking another person’s WhatsApp. It is a simple, reliable and easy to use solution to hack a WhatsApp account.

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