Top 10 Worst Movie Sequels

Movie sequels for productions like Star Wars are things we always look forward to watching in the nearest future because it is a perfect way of reliving memories.  However, have you ever watched a sequel that looked cheesy and with nothing new to offer, and you kept wondering; could it be that producer on a rush hour for a financial windfall?  Well, to that student looking forward to writing college homework about the top 10 worst movie sequels, here is a list:

1. Home Alone 4: Taking back the house

While everyone loved the comic relief that Home Alone brought into their living rooms, Taking Back the House sequel didn’t augur well with the expectations of many viewers.  Using new actors such as the new kid in the block, (Kevin McAllister) in place of Mike Weinberg is something many people have decried.

2. Jaws: The Revenge

The new location is the Bahamas, but ridiculously loud laughs, a set that looks disinterested in acting and a shark producing a lion-like roar are some of the biggest complaints in reviews on this sequel. Next…

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

3. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Superman was always going to crash our screens, but a sequel like this The Quest for Peace was surely going to mock our enthusiasm. From poor visual effects that fall below even the lowest standards of movie productions in the 80s, recycled scenes of Superman and other flaws, some say, is not worth their movie time.


4. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Not many Americans like Producer Bay and after Shia Labeouf ditched fans, who would love to watch any of their acts?  The truth is; the first production still surpasses this sequel by a million miles.

5. Exorcist II-The Heretic

If you compare the first and third movies, Heretic is way below par a sequel that you wouldn’t want to waste your precious time on a coach.  However, credit still goes to William Friedkin for marvelous productions in the first and Third Exorcist.

6. Friday After Next

Sequels with poor concepts and continuity did not start yesterday. With a critic score falling below 30% on many review sites, bad stereotype jokes gone awful wouldn’t have made anyone laugh either or want to watch Friday After Next on A Friday night. This 2002 sequel is poor by all standards.

7. Rocky V

Another old production that brought a bitter taste to everyone’s mouth is Rocky V. It is a production that graced the screens in 1990, but which fails miserably on logic. There were lots of discrepancies, to say the least.

'A Good Day to Die Hard' trailer

8. A Good Day to Die Hard

The sequel to ‘Die Hard’ didn’t impress and movie watches couldn’t wait to rant their displeasures online. With a discrepancy rating of more than 70% alongside a critic score falling below 20% in most review sites, there is nothing more to say.

9. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

Six years after Paranormal aired, its sequel, the Ghost Dimension failed to impress and it is for many reasons. Some said those who paid to watch it premier in theatres should request for refunds. A critic score of less than 14 percent isn’t something you will want to haggle over.

10. The Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

Everyone loved watching the Book of Shadows, but, its 2002 pale sequel Blair Witch 2 missed the mark from the original Book of Shadows. It is the best definition of a huge discrepancy, not to mention critics and audience scores falling below 20 %.

Final Thoughts

Movie sequels always seem to promise heaven but fail to deliver on such expectations. This list should be your guide when choosing what is worth a weekend out.



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