Top 3 Casino Movie Heroes of All Time


Casino games are very popular games all over the world. Most of the people love to play casino games and win the jackpot money which comes with them. Hollywood also influenced a lot from casino games, therefore we can see so many movies made on the games. These movies showcased the real world of casino game parlors, its glamour, culture, dreams of players and ruined lives. Many of them are very successful and made huge box office collections. Thanks to the incredible acting skills of heroes of these movies who paid maximum efforts in showcasing the real emotions, feelings and aspirations of casino players. Therefore, we bring to you top 5 casino movie heroes who performed some brilliant acting skills to make them blockbuster hits.

  • Ocean’s Eleven: The movie has one of the greatest actors of all time, George Clooney who played the role of Danny Ocean. He plays a leader of his gang comprising 10 equally powerful stars. The movie showcases how the gang pull of the burglary of the century by robbing 3 major casinos in Las Vegas.
  • Maverick: This movie stars yet another legendary actor Mel Gibson who plays a role of notorious Bret Maverick. He is on a mission to win the biggest poker tournament in the Wild West which carries the million dollar prize and the best poker player of the year title. He performed great acting skills and brings the real emotions and feelings of a gambler and his aspirations. The movie also shows how he fights with rival poker players and manages the entry fee for participating in the tournament.
  • Casino: This is yet another greatest casino movie of all time featuring one of the finest and incredible actors Robert De Niro who plays a role of Ace, a sports handicapper working for the mafia. He is appointed to his own casino which is engaged in money laundering. Ace tries very hard to keep its small criminal empire together and alive from all its rivals. He fights with rivals and faces FBI’s gaze on his casino activities during the movie. He showcases incredible acting skills and surfaced the real face of gambling world to the audience.

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