Top 3 Educational TV Shows for All Ages

Modern televisions have received a lot flak due to the quality of content available for general viewing. Most of the shows even during prime time do not add value especially to the young one’s minds. Educational experts have for long complained about lack of educative content to aid kid’s cognitive development but things haven’t changed. However, there are still great educational shows that go against the grain and even dissertation writers find them great for research. These shows are ideal for general viewership and they improve knowledge across all ages.

This article explores some of these outstanding channels that parents and teachers should encourage their kids to watch. Keep reading.

National Geographic

  1. National Geographic

The National Geographic has been around for 125 years and the channel still manages to capture the attention of viewers across the globe. The TV channel is irresistible to watch and transports you to extreme parts of the earth.

The quality of research and content is amazing and it is no wonder the legendary channel broadcasts shows and documentaries have a huge fan base across the world. Their holistic content covers video, photography, animals, adventure, television and kids, environment, travel, conservation and so much more. From exploration in the Arctic Circle to snake hunting in South Africa, there is so much content to enjoy and all of it educational.

If you always wanted to find something educational from your kids on TV, National Geographic will always have something great. After all, their motto is “Live Curious”, “Think again”, “Dare to Explore” and “This Is Who We Are.”

Animal Planet

  1. Animal Planet

While the channel’s motto is ‘Surprisingly Human’, you will find everything on air is about animals.  The channel has a wide network spread over 70 countries across the globe which makes it possible to bring educative content about animals from across the globe.

Some of their incredible offerings include Big Cat Diary’; ‘‘Weird, True & Freaky’, ‘Too Cute!’ ;’America’s Cutest’, ‘Animal Cops Houston’ among others. All their content is suitable for all ages and there’s always something to learn.

Parents and teachers can use some of the shows on air to introduce kids to different learning concepts about nature. The shows on Animal Planet feature beautiful visuals and photography and every show has some fun edge to it.

Discovery Channel

  1. Discovery Channel

There’s no doubt that the Discovery Channel is one of the greatest channels in the world with even mention in popular media such as music and movies.  Their slogan is “The world is awesome,” and when you watch their shows, you will understand this is true.

The channels feature content on popular science, technology, and history. Every show has something intriguing for the viewer and this is great for family viewership. Some of the most perplexing scientific theories come alive on The Discovery Channel and viewers will learn something new every day. From Mythbusters, History, and Best Evidence, there’s always educative content on air.

These are only a few of the educative shows suitable for students, teachers, parents and they can come in handy for a dissertation expert. A lot of research goes into the production to guarantee the content is always educative.

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