Top 5 Best Counter Strike Teams Destined To Change The World Of Gaming As We Know It In 2017?

Counter Strike Teams

I read a lot of CS: GO articles online and it’s fun to notice that the lion’s share of them begins with something like “Counter-Strike is a popular team-based first-person shooter game”. Seriously? Do we still need people to explain what Counter-Strike is given the name is 17 years old? Heck, Half-Life 1 was sold as an add-on to CS CDs back in the day.

Needless to say that the game is a massive cultural (and even religious to some people) phenomenon today and is one of the major esports disciplines. Some people like playing it, others prefer to watch streams on YouTube, everybody is crazy about professional tournaments and particular individuals even tend to make good money on CS Go betting. That’s how big Global Offensive really is.

Counter Strike Teams

Top pro teams to light the world on fire in 2017

We are expecting a lot of massive, bloody rumbles in 2017. Top players will rise to glory and fall into oblivion within mere seconds as that’s how fast-paced the game is. But who are the rising stars or should I say established talents? Who will be screaming out to in cheer or anger mid a tournament session broadcasted all over the world?


Hope still illuminates the hearts of fans even though the team has finished last on StarSeries despite the super-star s1mple in their lines. Na’Vi is nearly kicked out of the top 10 teams today and they literally have no choice but to succeed next year. It’s either they’ll drop the age-old line-up routine or they will be out of the game. Forever.


Danes are back in town with a totally new team of “the cool kids on the block”. Sure the guys are not as high in ranks as they can be now but hey, the team is new and their talent is rising in proportion to new fan bases. You will be hearing a lot about Heroic next year. That I am certain in, so it would be a smart step to keep an eye on them today.

Ninjas In Pyjamas

As far as I know, NiP has only won 1 major tournament as of now and the guys cant be proud of an impressive track record outside the StarSeries. But who cares? They have an entire world to conquer and 2017 sound like as good of a year as any to dominate the world of CS: Go.

Team Liquid

What will become of good old Liquid now that they’ve lost their star player? The team has never played offline as a group for a while and they are certainly destined to lose in a lot of tournaments next year. The liquid is like the golden middle of efficiency as of now and the best part about them is that people love to cheer for the outsiders. I hope that massive waves of love from a loyal fan base will keep the guys spirited.

SK Gaming

Big Guns once – Big Guns forever. The team was out of action for a while now and they’ve even refused several offline competitions but that never stopped them from an impressive victory at the major. SK will have to work hard to maintain their rankings though as a lot of teams like already have nice plans for their position. And that’s why they will be fun to watch during 2017.

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