Top 5 Best News Reader Apps for Android

Android has numerous apps that allow the readers to catch up with the latest news and developing stories in your area of interest. This article describes five trending Android apps that offer accurate content and customizable news source for your tablet or phone. With the news that Google Reader may be dying, some of the apps that were predominant three years ago are no more. Luckily, others have been developed to replace them. These are:


  1. Feedly

The benefits of using this app are that it is free, flexible and fast. Its look and feel it’s much consistent with the iOS and desktop cousins, even though it is not the prettiest, you can customize it to fit your preferences. If you prefer reading your content with large, beautiful images of each other, you can. If you like skimming through headlines avoiding the videos and image clutter, you can reduce the interface to focus on your interests.

The flexibility in this app makes it the best. It rarely bothers you with numerous request to synchronize like in other apps, since it supports its own syncing. It allows you to share your content with virtually anyone on the major social network like Google+, Twitter, Email, Facebook, and Buffer. You can save articles to read it later, and since you have a native Android’s built- in share menu, the apps you have on your phone limits your options. Feedly supports the Android logins, so with a Google account configurations on your phone, you can freely log in to feed. You can then later log out and switch Google accounts if you want to.

The only shortcoming of this app is that it does not support an offline view. Beyond the fact that the layout of the feeds is customizable, the app has only two themes; it would have been better if more were to be added. Despite its functional design, it can also be annoying at times. It does not stream podcasts, and even though it recognizes some RSS feeds as media, it cannot automatically play them back to the mobile apps.


  1. Flipboard

Flipboard has a gorgeous design that attempts to be like an actual digital magazine. Just like feed, you can access various known websites and newsfeed as you follow podcasts as you desire. It has a daily edition design of news across the globe that you may find interesting and decide to follow. It is best used in tablets but still looks good on phones.

It is a free app with beautiful magazine view of news and its snappy gesture controls. Flipboard is an attractive news reader allowing you to organize and prioritize news from its selection sites. The app lets you connect your Twitter, Google+, and Facebook with 12 other accounts incorporating news, topics, and articles that your friends are sharing.

Select the items that you have an interest in and populate them with news, search and add the sites that you like. Using this Google reader app at times can be challenging due to its interface. However, all the other benefits outweigh this shortcoming.

Flipboard may not be suitable for freaks, but if you are adventurous, it may give you stories and news that you have never heard. You can then save the content to Instapaper, Readability or Pocket for future readings.

  1. Flynn

Flynn is an offline reader marrying a great user interface with a great selection of sources and groupings. The only challenge associated with it is that you must pay to access Twitter or to integrate to feed, but this depends on whether you want paid or free apps. The Flynn configurations like the font options and the night mode theme are also available. The offline nature makes it a favorite news reader where internet access is not forthcoming; like in flight or on a train.


  1. Digg

Digg has a better curation quality being highly noticeable than the other apps. It gives you a feeling that the articles and content have been read and consequently approved by a human. The polished, bookmarking, minimalist presentation coupled with usual sharing options makes it the best news reader available.

Digg blends long and short narratives from the web. It allows you to organize the RSS feeds and other sources through folders, which is great when following a variety of genres.

Smart News

  1. Smart News

It is designed for a quick recap of the most popular contents on the web. The app offers a spotless and precise interface that sorts various stories under general headings. These titles include top, entertainment, biz, world, science, and tech. Customization is limited, though it enables you to create new channels from the preset selection of the news sources.

When not looking for something specific, Smart News is the best ways to get a shot on the trending news and those on demand. According to wearable tech digest, the app reduces stories to a text only view.


When getting your news fix on Android, few apps have a superior quality design with an intuitive nature. Thousands of apps are available vying for your attention; to get the information that you need, be sure to select the best.

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