Top 5 Creative Tips To Make Your Photography Unique

top five creative tips photography

You simply love your camera and try to capture as many images possible but you get your memorable photos with low-quality pixels. When you see these poor quality photos, the first thing you do is delete them without any regret. However, you need to consider how to improve the quality of the photos instead of just deleting them. You need to re-shoot the photos even if you are using only a simple camera to see the improvement difference. If you are using fisheye lens, you can have more fun because these lenses have extremely indistinct lines. Here are 5 top creative tips on improving your photographs. By Kelly Marsh

1) The Radial Blur

Shooting any scene can be challenging and by obtaining a radial blur can add a different perspective to your photos. If you are using a fisheye lens, you can slow down your shutter speed to 1/25 of a second and spinning the camera counter clockwise at 90 degrees. While gripping the lens with your left hand, you can pivot the camera body around with your right hand. The radial blur will create a special touch to your image and is sure to stand out as a unique photo.

2) Shooting Wide Landscapes

Sometimes you can achieve the large viewpoint even without the use of fisheye lens. By locating the lens directly on a landscape, you can make it look like an extensive angle lens. As long as you keep your possibility towards the middle frame, you should be able to get the right perspective. Try different angles for a particular landscape and view which one is possibly the most unique in its capture form.

3) Capturing Entire Ceilings

The best way to capture an entire ceiling for a reception shoots indoors is by using the fisheye lens. By locating the exact middle of the room, you can view the top from this spot and capture the ceiling. With the fisheye lens, you will be able to get a full view of the ceiling which is not possible with regular lens. You can shoot up front or sideways from the middle spot and get amazing results from each shot.

4) Experiment With Perspectives

Try to experiment with different angles and lines in order to get something creative. Try squatting or lying down flat on your stomach as you take shoots of various subjects. You can even get a sideways distortion of the lens by simply leaning alongside a wall, so as to enfold this distorted view within the frame. You can even tilt your camera diagonally to catch the horizon, as a way of expressing excitement and vitality in constantly moving subjects.

5) Exaggerating The Subject Line

When you move the subject or line to the border of your camera rim it will become more indistinct. Whereas, when you place this same subject in the middle of the camera frame, you will get straight crossways in the whole picture. In order to exaggerate this, you can place the subject close to the top of the frame in a hazardous manner. Make sure that you do not get any unwanted objects within this frame.

These are some of the creative tips for your next photography session which is sure to make your photos appear unique. Remember, photography is all about patience and the ability to improve upon your skill.

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