Top 5 Crime/Horror Movies Everyone Should Watch

Who does not love a good crime-related movie? It is a combination of adventure, creativity, mystery, suspense, and a whole lot of ‘trying to guess who is the killer’. In this article, we have gathered a rundown of the best crime movies ever. These movies are a must-watch, so let’s get some popcorn, call your attorney because you might end up doing something foolish (if you are wondering where to get one from – contact King Law), get your much-loved drink, and start the movie.

The place beyond the pines

1. The place beyond the pines – This film is outstanding amongst other crime motion pictures since it carries numerous new ideas for a crime. It functions admirably well as a crime spine chiller and crime action film at different parts of the movie. The technique Luke (Ryan Gosling) and Robin (Ben Mendelsohn) used to burglarize the banks was the real strategy “Friday Night Robber” Carl Gugasian effectively used for more than thirty years.

Memoirs of Murder

2. Memoirs of Murder – Before South Korean movie director Bong Joon-ho made international spine chillers like Snowpiercer, he made this jewel of a crime riddle, constructed on Korea’s first sequential killings. He brings his dark humor to the tale of two investigators in a tight spot attempting to solve the murders.

Wolf Creek

3. Wolf Creek – Wolf Creek is one of the most amazing crime films of the 21st century. Dramatizing two diverse Aussie backpack killers, the movie follows three sightseers wandering into the Outback who then meets a stranger… you should watch it to know the rest. What separates Wolf Creek from different slashers is its unfazed unequivocal quality; not since Michael Myers has there been a portrayal of a man-made of such unadulterated wickedness.

The Wolf of Wall Street

4. The Wolf of Wall Street – The finest and boldest thing about The Wolf of Wall Street, conceivably Scorsese’s most liberal film, is how fun it makes its violations look. Scorsese and Terence Winter (writer) consolidate fake stockbroker Jordan Belfort’s journal down to essentially the most hair-raising parts, placing you in the headspace of a man who considers others cash as his own playpen. With the help of his partner, Danny Porush, Jordan Belfort made money by means of a “pump and dump” strategy. His brokers pushed stocks onto their clueless customers, which swelled the stocks’ prices, at that point the company would auction its property in these stocks at an incredible profit.


5. The Silence of the Lambs – Jodie Foster stars as Clarice Starling, a top understudy at the FBI’s preparation institute. Jack Crawford (Scott Glenn) needs Clarice to interview Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins), a splendid therapist who is additionally a vicious insane person, serving life behind bars for different demonstrations of homicide and cannibalism. Jack Crawford accepts that Lecter may have knowledge into a case and that Clarice, as an alluring young lady, might be the only trap to coax him out. At the point when the movie was initially released, the film was viewed as perhaps the most terrifying film of its time. So alongside it being an extraordinary scary movie, it is likewise an incredible crime film. The FBI has an overwhelming impact in Silence of the Lambs just as the prequel, Red Dragon, and the continuation titled Hannibal.

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