Top 5 Hotels For Spotting Celebrities

Upgrade from a budget motel to a high-end, five-star palace and you’re in with a chance of spotting a major celeb. Here are five of the best hotels for a bit of famous-people-watching:

 Caesars-Palace-Las Vegas-US

Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, US

Who’s been here? Barack Obama, Perez Hilton, Khloe Kardashian…

It’s one of the best-known hotels and casinos on the whole of the Las Vegas strip, maybe even the world, and Caesar’s Palace remains a popular favorite among celebrities. It’s rumored that Barack Obama slept between the building’s imperial statues while running his first presidential campaign! The hotel and casino is also a film location in its own right – its decadent surroundings feature in The Hangover and Rain Man, among others, making it a great choice for celeb-spotting if you’re interested in hotels that feature in movies.

Sunset Marquis hotel, Los Angeles, California, US

Who’s been here? The Rolling Stones, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, James Brown, Sheryl Crow…

Sidestep off the Sunset Strip and you’ll quickly stumble upon Sunset Marquis. This legend of LA’s rock ‘n’ roll scene has seen many major musicians walk through its doors, and it continues to attract them today, although everyone’s a little tamer than they were in the ‘60s. Comprising 154 suites and villas, a restaurant and a spa, the Marquis is also home to a recording studio, Nightbird, where artists from Aerosmith to Zayn Malik have made music.

Metropolitan by COMO, London, UK

Who’s been here? Tom Hanks, Kate Moss, Jude Law, Rihanna…

One of London’s most popular celebrity haunts is different to the rest. While well-worn spots like the Savoy and the Dorchester offer old-world London charm, Metropolitan is all about modernity: think sleek lines and functional rooms. Celebrities from all over the world regularly call this place home. Whether it’s the penthouse suites, on-site spa or skyline views that tempt them, it’s hard to say.

Cape Grace, Cape Town, South Africa

Who’s been here? The Obamas, The Clintons, Oprah…

Popular with American A-listers and politicians past and present, Cape Grace is the jewel in the crown of Cape Town’s many wonderful hotels. Sat on the waterfront with the majestic Table Mountain providing a magnificent backdrop, it’s not hard to see why Cape Grace remains a popular booking for the great and the good. As well as its fantastic facilities and attractions — including an award-winning restaurant — the hotel is set on its own private quay, so it’s secure and secluded.

Belmond Copacabana Palace, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Who’s been here? Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Will Smith…

Party city Rio has more than its fair share of places to stay, but when celebs come to town there’s one place at the top of their list: Belmond Copacabana Palace, which overlooks Copacabana Beach. There’s an amazing bar and Michelin-starred restaurant here, but most impressive of all is the hotel’s art deco architecture. We bet the celebs who stay here take full advantage of the hotel’s beach service, which includes beach assistants who’ll look after your belongings should you want to take a dip.

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