Top 5 Puzzle-Themed Games for Kids

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Do you have a child who just can’t seem to get enough of puzzle-themed brain games? Do they love the challenge they offer and the brain busters that tend to go hand-in-hand with these games? If that’s the case then they are probably always on the lookout for the next “big game”. Puzzle games are constantly evolving, getting more involved and offering new and unique challenges it seems. With that in mind here’s a look at the top five puzzle-themed flash games available through bigsamo that are perfect for kids.

10 Seconds

In the game 10 seconds, players will have exactly 10 seconds to fix the track they are on so that they can avoid crashing. Each time you finish before the clock is up, you can save any extra time you have and add it to your next game. This one requires fast thinking, fast reaction time and paying close attention to details.

1 Word 10 Tries

The 1 Word 10 Tries game will give you 10 tries to try and guess the missing word. Each time you get the word right, you’ll be able to move on to the next level. This is one of those casual games that kids can play a quick round or two of, or spend more time playing if they choose. As a side note, these word-based games can help kids to boost their memory, help them with their spelling, help to expand their vocabulary, and are great for teaching problem-solving skills.

3D Chess

If you’re looking for a game that is actually good for your brain, then chess is the way to go. Encouraging your kids to learn and play chess will allow them to give their brain a workout if you will. It uses both sides of the brain, promotes brain health, and has even been shown to help raise a person’s IQ. The 3D Chess game brings the game to life thanks to the graphics. As for the gameplay, it feels like a classic game of chess.

7 Moves

Why not head off on a treasure hunt with the 7 Moves game. In this move, kids will have just seven moves in which they can find treasure. No less and no more than seven moves are allowed, and you can’t move to the next level without first solving the current one. To say this one is a brain-busting challenge is an understatement.

A Letter for Richard

For something a bit different and perhaps more unique, they can also check out A Letter for Richard. In this game, Richard is given an anonymous letter. There is no return address and no name, so it’s up to Richard to uncover the clues and mystery surrounding the letter. Kids will need to collect clues, explore various locations, and then solve the secret.

An Arsenal of Puzzle-Themed Games for Kids

So the next time your child utters those all-too-familiar words of “I’m bored” you’ll be able to suggest a number of puzzle-themed games that they can check out.

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