Top 5 Touchless Trash Cans

Touching trash isn’t the most hygienic thing, especially if you are in the kitchen. With a motion sensor, smart trash can you open and close the cover of the bin automatically, without the necessity of physically interacting with the bin. The infrared motion sensor initiates the lid when the motion is recognized. This makes a motion sensor trash can hygienic and handy in use because of all the hands-free movement.

smart trash can

#1 | Aicool Smart Trash Can

Aicool smart trash can is a faster and more hygienic way to handle your trash. It will open with a simple hand wave. It automatically closes and change its liners all by itself. It is smart enough to dispense with excessive garbage. Prevent garbage can from the germ, BO, and fingerprints. It will make your life quite easy.

You don’t have to worry about germs and all the bad smells from now on. Aicool trash can is designed with a solid lid that will seal the germ within the can and carbon deodorizer helps you get rid of bad smells. T

Automatic trash can allows you to operate the trash bin without even touching it, in the situation when both hands are already full. This new cutting edge touchless technology guarantees a dynamic sensor and high performance.

It will seal the liners itself and there is no more leaking or ripping. After you get rid of the trash the automatic trash can will replace a new liner itself. All you have to do is take all the packed trash out and the can will replace a liner and get ready itself.


#2 | iTouchless DZT13 with Odor-Absorbing Filter


The iTouchless DZT13 is a small 13-gallon automatic trash can that comes with a deodorizer, which stops bad odors. You’ll get one absolutely free carbon odor filter with the buying of this trash bin. The touch-free lid of the can opens fast for easy waste dumping and the lid closes easily and quietly. The iTouchless sensor trash can is made with a cool brushed stainless steel finish with a fingerprint-proof coating and it is quite easy to clean as well. This sensor bin uses only four D-size batteries but you can also use an AC power adapter, which sold separately.

#3 | Ninestars DZT-70-11R Trash Can / Recycler


The Ninestars DZT-70-11R is an 18-gallon and comes with motion sensing trash can with two sections. So you can use the trash can for classifying waste and make recycling easier. The Ninestars sensor garbage can is constructed of fingerprint-resistant 100% stainless steel. The three C-batteries which don’t come with it powers the automatic lid through the infrared motion sensor, and it is water-resistant as well. The lid seals odors completely and trash bags are concealed and the lid covers the top of the dual buckets.

#4 | iTouchless Commercial Size


The iTouchless commercial size is an extraordinary large touchless trash with a size of 23 gallons. The large bin is ideal for office uses, stores, or bigger households. The automatic trash can is constructed of stainless steel which is fingerprint-resistant. The motor works with four D batteries, but you can buy an optional AC adapter to power the trash can. The wide cover opening makes it easy to dispose of large trash.

#5 | Simplehuman Voice and Motion


This Simplehuman trash can is a very unique automatic bin. You can even open and close the lid with your voice commands, just say “Open can” and the lid opens for easy removal of the trash. But you can also swing your hand in front of the motion sensor to initiate the lid. Thanks to the dual chamber design you can distribute your trash and recyclables separately. One side of the trash can comes with a liner pocket that stocks and dispenses liners from the core of the can. The nano-coating shields the stainless steel from bacteria and fingerprints and smudges.

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