Top 5 True Crime Podcasts That You Would Not Believe


A famous American comic book and television writer, Brian K Vaughan says – People want good stories. It does not matter what sort of story you are listening to, and they always constrain you to be lost into its imaginative thoughts. Earlier, we had grandma’s bag of tales, and now we have amazing podcasts to listen to. Be it Ted Talks, The Daily by NYT or the Chuck Rosenberg podcast, we have a lot to experience new age stories. But many hearers are tempted by tales of kidnapping, disappearances, abductions, and all kinds of actual crimes.

If you are a regular listener, you must be familiar with podcasts like Casefile, Secret Societies, Solve, the Chuck Rosenberg podcast, etc. And if you are not, then you must be waiting for some suggestions. Here is the list of podcasts that aces the crime genre and are still embraced by many.


Top 5 True Crime Podcasts you Won’t Resist Listening to

No one can say what is milling in one’s head. You just heard the news of kids’ abduction on the radio. To your dreadful horror, you recalled that the description of scofflaw matches precisely with the man living next door. Is it not the worst nightmare? Unveil many such stories with these presented unbelievable but true crime podcasts.



Casefile podcast is one of the famous true-crime podcasts among the users. The peculiarity of the podcast lies in the narrator who remains anonymous, and no one yet knows who is behind that voice. Casefile podcast deals with some solved and many unsettled crimes, often related to notable murders and serial killers.  The casefile podcast is one of the most loved true crime genre podcasts, is received well by the audience, and has won several awards including the best podcast of 2016 featured in iTunes.



Recorded in the studios of WUNC in Chapel Hill, NC, Criminal is much of a similar genre to a casefile podcast with a slightly different approach. Basically, the casefile podcast tells the story of the people who have done wrong or been wronged somewhere in life.

Based on real-life encounters, there were many stories in this crime-based podcast, which took the audience by complete surprise. The criminal podcast unfolds new stories of sinful corruption and misdeeds in each episode. The series was launched in the year 2014 and marked a name for itself in true crime genre podcasts within a year of launch.


Up and Vanished

This is one of the cold case stories and unsolved crime stories in the history of crimes that have been discovered. Up and Vanished, narrated by Payne Lindsey, tells the true-life case of a high school teacher and former pageant queen from Georgia, Tara Grinstead. Each episode of the podcast appears excellently researched and the way the orator tells it makes it more compelling to the audience. If you love listening to podcasts like casefile, you will be thrilled by this one.


Let’s not meet: A True Horror Podcast

One of my favorite and most faithful to the real-life encounters, Let’s Not Meet began with narrating the real stories of those who were stalked, legitimately followed by unknown and anything creepy. Now, the speaker, Andrew Tate, tells the real horror stories shared by victims who made it out alive and that’s what its description reads. The podcast still follows the same course as before. The audience loves listening to the sensitive-sounding voice of the narrator as he comes up with many impressive stories.


True Crime Garage

How do you love listening to stories? While traveling, eating or before a nap. Well, I am not sure about you, but these two friends, Nic and The Captain preferably enjoy talking about crime affairs sitting in a garage and swelling over beer. The premise of the True Crime Garage podcast may be simple, but mysteries and stories are second to none.

If you too are thirsty and want to witness how the crime stories are like over a pitcher of beer, give it a go. Trust me; you can listen to these two fellas for hours and yet won’t feel tired.

Podcasts other than the crime genre one must listen to


Stuff you Should Know

The writers of How Stuff Works (an infotainment website), Josh and Chuck Rosenberg bring you this award-winning podcast. Stuff you should know educates people about a wide variety of topics from the fields of science, history, and whatnot complying with some humorous element in it. This is the only podcast that topped the iTunes chart since its release and turned out to be the most popular in the world.


The Oath with Chuck Rosenberg

Ready to take an oath from the highest government attorneys? Join the listeners of the Chuck Rosenberg podcast. The Oath with Chuck Rosenberg talks all about politics and American history and also about the leaders who drew themselves to public services. Chuck Rosenberg, who is the former Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration, invites guests on his show and converse with them on the subject matter.



With all the available list of fantastic true-crime podcasts, you know which one can instantly make you put on headphones and delve deeply into it. Crime genre podcasts have gained much popularity in recent years among listeners because of their unique approach of unrolling the twist and thrill of the story. Moreover, it triggers the most powerful emotion in us. So, pick your favorite show and surprise yourself.

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