Top 6 Movie Filming Locations and Tourist Destinations

To be fully memorable, apart from thrilling, original and capturing story, a good action or adventure movie needs to have something more to complete the atmosphere,  A perfect filming location. In the age of unlimited computer effects use, it seems that this is not hard to achieve. However, you will be surprised how a carefully chosen location contributes to the overall atmosphere and how little computer and animation effects you need in that case. Not to mention the movies filmed before computer effects even existed that are still among best ever filmed. Go through our list of five influential action and adventure movies filmed at fantastic places and let us prove it.

Blade Runner

Blade Runner (1982)

Filmed entirely at the locations in Los Angeles, USA. One of the most prominent ones is the Bradbury Building, especially its stairways and courtyard. Another one is the Union Station, a major railway hub and the third memorable one is the Ennis House, used in movies since the 1930’s and still a major tourist attraction, as well as the other two mentioned.

Star Wars 1977

Star Wars I (1977)

Filming locations covered the entire world, from numerous in Tunisia (Ksar Hadada, Ghoumrassen, Onk Jemal, Tozeur, etc) across Palace of Caserta in Italy to Whippendell Woods in UK, all perfectly depicting space locations and naturally, all filmed on Earth and still frequently visited thanks to the popularity of the movie.

Lord Of The Rings Trilogy Poster

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (2001-2003)

The fairy tale like atmosphere was created at the numerous locations in New Zealand, especially Middle-Earth scenery. Waikato town of Matamata, Wellington and the surrounding forested area, Mount Sunday, Pelennor Fields and Southern Lakes are as dreamy in person as they are in the trilogy and are worth visiting throughout the year.

The Bounty poster

The Bounty (1984)

This British adventure drama was filmed at the locations in Tahiti, French Polynesia. The spirit of an era found a perfect home and probably the best version of this popular filming theme was easily settled in the untouched natural environment. Since then it has been a great magnet for fans to spend their holidays in Tahiti.

Mad Max poster

Mad Max Trilogy (1979-1985)

This post apocalypse trilogy was filmed on the locations in Australia. The first movie was mostly filmed in around the city of Melbourne. The second one of the trilogy and the final part were filmed mostly in outback locations of Silverton, New South Wales, a perfect spot for the post apocalyptic atmosphere of scorched earth and peculiar survivors.

Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark poster

Indiana Jones, Raiders ofthe Lost Ark (1981)

Filming locations cover several continents, from the island of Kauai-Hawaii, across Tozeur-Tunisia, Bushey- UK, La Rochelle- France back to USA- Stockton, we are again on a semi world tour in order to depict the perfect atmosphere. Understandably, all places are still well worth visiting three decades later.

As you can see, the filming locations immensely contribute to the overall atmosphere and the success of the movie. If at anytime you are in a dilemma where to go on your next holiday, why not visit some of these memorable locations. Any true movie fan should and certainly would enjoy them. We know we did.

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