Top 7 Must Have Android Apps

Nowadays so many peoples are using smartphones and tablet devices. Almost those devices are being helpful in terms of calling. The more interesting thing about smartphones is its app itself. There are thousands of useful apps available on google play store that is helpful to use in so many ways. Here we have collected so many apps that are useful to peoples in either way.

Some apps are helpful for time management, while some of that app we can use them for timepass. Sometimes, some apps make some banking records for us and show us our finance and funds directly from the single dashboard. We have tested few apps and made a list of best android apps that everyone must have on their smartphones.

Clean Master

Clean Master

This is a very good android app that helps us to keep our smartphone away from junk files. If you are facing any issue with the slow performance of your smartphone, this app will help you in many ways.

Because it is having a feature of uninstalling feature, remove junk files. Those features help you to keep your device clean from any unwanted cache and residual files.

Check how to clean junk files from android from below video.

Download Clean Master

Opera Max - Data Saving App

Opera Max – Data Saving App

Opera Max is a best android app that helps you to browse the internet with data saving. So if you are having a limited data plan, you can use this app to Supercharge your web browsing experience.

Check out their official introduction about Opera Max from below.

An interesting feature about this app is that it help you to browse the internet and saves your data simultaneously. It will compress sent and received data to save your bandwidth of your data service provider.

It will crunches down and compress each and everything you browse, including image size, videos, website load times.

ES File Explorer File Manager

ES File Explorer File Manager

Nowadays most of the smartphones come with built in file manager to manage your storage. But we personally like ES file explorer as not only help you to manage your files.

Check how ES file explorer works from the video below.

But it also helps you to connect your cloud storage account like Dropbox, Google drive, Box or any other cloud account.

If you have rooted your smartphones, you will also be able to browse root folder of your smartphone using this app. It has recycle bin feature, which helps you to recover your deleted files from your smartphone.

Download ES File Explorer


Google Drive

Most of the smartphones come with Google drive app pre-installed in it. The main feature of Google Drive is that you can store your photos, document files on your Google account. So that you can access it from anywhere from any system at any time.

Google Drive has a unique feature that you can use it as PDF scanner. You can use your device to scan document files as PDF file format. You can also access pictures & videos from Google Photos on your smartphones.

Download Google Drive


Video Ringtone Maker

I personally like this video ringtone maker app. Because I can personalize my ringtone with this useful app. Mostly you can use this video ringtone maker app to create and set video ringtone for your android based smartphones or tablet devices.

You can even create video ringtone for a specific contact from your contact list. This app helps you to create your personalize video ringtone for any contact from your phone book.

Download Video Ringtone Maker


SD Card Tester

This is perfect app recommended by, as you can identify and verify a fake micro sd card using this app. If you are using any memory card, but it does not store according to size specified, it might be a fake one.

It will write data on your sd card for testing and show your result if your card is fake or original one.


Google Calendar

This is the most used app by so many professionals. You can use Google calendar to add reminder from your smartphones.

Most important use of this app is it can synchronize to your all devices like Chrome, android, iPhone etc. So you can add a reminder from any device, will remind you from either from your PC or smartphones. If you are not finishing your task by mentioned timeline, it will carry forward to next day. It’s best task management app for android smartphones.

Download Google Calender

Here we have listed most popular android apps for smartphones and tablet devices. You can make use of these recommended apps for your smartphone to use your smartphone like a pro.

Do let us know in the comment section below, which is your favorite android app. If you are already using any of those apps, feel free to share your experience in the comment section below.

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